Saturday, August 22, 2020

Sunflower Adventure!

 Mrs. F.G., always on the lookout for things that might interest me and provide opportunities for photography, found a farm with sunflowers north of Barrie, near Elmvale.  So off we went to find us some sunflowers.  I had called in advance to see if it was wheelchair accessible, and they said we could drive down the tractor trail to get there, so we decided to try it.

Since I don't want to keep you in suspense I'll tell you right up front that we did get to see the sunflowers.

We headed east past Blue Mountain, here the runs of the Peaks ski Club, in their summer colour.

Through Collingwood, down to Stayner and then it was east across the very flat old lakebed of glacial Lake Algonquin.

We crossed the Nottawasga River where it emerges from the vast Minesing Swamp (and which have canoed down in the past, both north and south of this point).

And we found the farm.  When we got out in the field this is what we saw - the sunflowers were all looking the wrong direction!  We had to wait for the tractor and wagons to leave and then we got down to the east side of the field.

I suspect that you've seen those pictures of sunflower fields showing radiant blossoms off to the horizon, but this is a field of sunflowers from a wheelchair point-of-view.  The plants are about 8 feet tall, bordered on this side by a huge pumpkin patch.  You'd need to climb on top of your car or up a platform to get a field-wide view.  

We looked around and started getting a few shots of the sunflower blooms that were looking our direction, really beautiful.

Pumpkins are another part of their business, but they won't be ready for a while yet.  I drove down the pumpkin patch a bit, but it was too sandy for my wheels so I stuck to the recently harvested wheat field.

Driving back to the start of the field we found some great shots of those sunny faces.

More tomorrow.

Just back from a long ride, trying to accumulate some kilometres for my Camino do Santiago challenge.  I've got a long way to go!  I've also signed up for the Nature Conservancy of Canada's Backyard Bio-blitz next week,.  It uses the 'iNaturalist' app, so I've downloaded that and today was a bit of a test run.  I have to be ready for next week.

Several of you commented on my Red Trillium shot yesterday, so I thought I should clarify that White Trillium are by far the most common trillium here in Ontario, but there are usually a few Red Trillium in the same habitats.  Here's a shot to illustrate the White Trillium we have.


  1. Down here all the sunflower fields are on flat steam bottoms, so there's no good way to get a view of the entire field -- a drone would do the trick. Those white trillium are spectacular! Down here it's difficult to find white trillium since the deer seem to love them; red trillium are fairly common in suitable moist habitat.

  2. Our local farmer is not growing sunflowers this year. I am missing their sunny faces. The one the chipmunks planted by our back porch is tall but the flower is a long way off.

  3. Such happy flowers. Glad you were able to see them!!

  4. Oh, they are gorgeous...all. Sunflowers, trillium, and pumpkin. Pumpkins are so photogenic!

  5. Love those sunny faces, and the info about the trilliums, thanks so much, I need to see if any are available in the shops down here.

  6. Sunflowers, pumpkin and trilliums. Does it get any better than those?

  7. Lovely pictures; well worth making an excursion for. We see occasional sunflower fields here and I suspect they are grown for wild-bird feed, which is big business in England with more and more folk having bird-feeders in their gardens. One of my neighbours is growing some pumpkins this year and they have spread all over the path and are in danger of encroaching on the road any day soon. In fairness to them they did put a note in everybody's door to apologise for their lack of foresight in planting them so close to the edge of their property.

  8. Hello,

    Beautiful blooms. I love the sunflowers and pretty Trillium. They are all happy photos! Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week!

  9. What a lovely trek! You are clever at adapting. Good work. I like your drive-by shootings!

  10. There has always been one sunflower field near Hanover but it hasn't been planted the last two years. :( I used to go and pick some, for a donation, so missing them. Thank you for your pictures. Those beautiful flowers are one of my connections to Daddy. :D His CB radio handle was Sunflower.
    That pumpkin convinces me that mine won't produce anything. I have nothing but flowers here on the Ridge.

  11. The pumpkin is huge already! And I loved the sunflower shots, as well as the amazing trillium pictures. Gorgeous! :-)

  12. I like that big orange pumpkin. Sunflowers are always so special to see. They just make me happy looking at them.

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