My Learning Photography Series:

   Learning Photography I 
   Learning Photography II
   Breaking the Rules about Light
   Getting Beyond the 'Auto' Setting
   Forcing the Aperture Setting
   Forcing the Shutter Speed

Thursday Photo Challenge         


Hogg's Falls, Beaver Valley 

Woods in Spring, Beaver Valley 

Garden at Versailles 

Monet's Garden at Giverny

Grand Canal, Venice 

 St. Mark's Square, Venice

 Notre Dame and the Lock Bridge, Paris

Houses, Burano



  1. Fantastic. Why did they abandon the village I love the bright colors on the house in the last photo.

    1. The story of St. Kilda is a long one! It's 40 miles out in the Atlantic west of the Outer Hebrides, a tiny cluster of one island and some rock stacks, and 50,000 nesting Gannets. The tiny community that lived here (evidence suggests for thousands of years), was isolated half the year, and relied heavily on mutton, birds' eggs, and birds themselves for surviving. It eventually just got too isolated for the remaining 20 or so people, and they asked to be resettled on the larger islands of Harris and Lewis.