Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Rocklyn Car Show

On Sunday afternoon we headed out to take in the Rocklyn Car Show.  There were about a million cars in sight, in all directions, so Mrs. F.G. had to drop me off and go find a space to park our transport.  We started with the lunch, which was delicious.  Some of the local farm boys came back to the tables with their plates piled high.  Even before we got out of the lunch room, this was turning into a surprisingly sociable occasion for us,

Once we got outside, we started with the line of old tractors.  A show like this reflects the local community, where most are from farm families.  Tinkering with tractors and cars is simply part of life here for many.

A big Minneapolis Moline.

An old Massey Harris, a collector's item, but it hasn't been restored yet.

And another Minneapolis Moline, still with the original paint job I think.

I couldn't see a name on the early simple model.  Beside it a big Allis Chambers.

We had a good chat with the owner of this immaculate John Deere, complete with toy model underneath.  Turns out he owns 20 old tractors and is restoring them all.

And just to prove I was there....


We were delighted to meet several old friends while we were here, friends from the church we used to attend in Markdale.  Rocklyn is about halfway between Meaford and Markdale.  Maintaining a social network is a major challenge once you are paralyzed (or have other mobility limitations as you age).  In my case simply because we can't get into anyone's house - they all have steps.  And in case you're thinking we should just invite them to our house, doing that on top of all the other work involved in caring for me is a major challenge.  So we try to get out to events like this, and it works well.  We came home refreshed by our conversations.  I think we spent more time talking than looking at the tractors and cars.

Monday, June 17, 2019


As we approach the Summer Solstice (I can't believe it!), we had a beautiful sunset last night.  Only 4 days to go until the longest day of the year!!  That means the days start getting shorter on Saturday - though you won't notice until about August.  To sooth your soul in the meantime, here are some nice pictures.  Thanks to Mrs. F.G. for the photography.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Interesting Perennials

Just to show that I'm not merely a Magpie, here are some interesting perennials we saw at the nursery too.  Mind you these are all still bright colours.  I took careful note of the varietal names for those of you who are serious gardeners.

 Table Mountain Ice Plant

 Perennial Sage

Desert Eve Yarrow

 False Sea Thrift

Japanese Forest Grass

Had a wonderful time at the Rocklyn Antique Car Show this afternnon.  Felt like old home week, we met so many people we knew.  Pictures and more to come.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Just a Magpie

When taking flower pictures I must admit that I'm first attracted just to the bright coloured ones, I'm just a magpie.  So when we stopped at the Town and Country Garden Nursery just outside Owen sound yesterday, my first pictures were just of whatever was blooming, the brighter colour the better..

While we were still outside the roses immediately caught my eye, especially this beautiful red one.

But it was this deep pink one behind it that was wafting a beautiful fragrance.

There were some interesting colours in Hydrangeas.

 And a stand of a few annuals that they still had in stock.

Great colour on this Petunia.

And I like the bright red of these Geraniums.
But couldn't safely get into the greenhouses which had significant bumps across the thresholds, or had the aisle blocked like this - a common problem in crowded stores.

   This was actually back down the road at the Ice Cream Place, a beautiful Spirea in full bloom.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Chestnuts Blooming

It's been a busy day here, starting with the repairman who came not long after 8 to check out our dishwasher (very good service, I only called yesterday, but it's going to cost $300.00++ to get fixed - oh how I enjoy this planned obsolescence!.  It went from that to physio in Owen Sound, which they tell me is going really well, though I still feel like a bobblehead (that's what you get with no trunk or abdominal muscles working).  Then it was a decadent but convenient lunch of hamburg, fries, onion rings and pop which has become our favourite when we're in Owen Sound.  Following that we stopped at the Town and Country Garden Nursery south of town.  Oops, I forgot the Ice Cream Place where I got a delicious Black Cherry cone.  After we finally got home we stopped at the Meaford Farmer's Market, down by the harbour.  Once home I did my laps up and down the street for my daily dose of fresh air, and now it's time for a bite to eat - finally!

And here are the Chestnut Trees in bloom.

Some photo credits go to Mrs. F.G.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Spring Skies

If I stretch my remaining grey cells back in time  I can remember that we did have a few sunny skies recently, but it's sure easy to forget that when we have another rainy day like today (and forecast for tomorrow and the next day)!  But two or three weeks ago we did have a day with some beautiful clouds against the blue.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

On and From the Deck

The plants we've put in pots on the deck, and others in the adjacent gardens that Mrs. F.G., the horticulturalist, organized last year (all plants we had brought from our former home) are doing well now that we actually have some warm days.  Note I said 'warm', not 'hot', still actually quite cool.

 A beautiful deep purple Clematis in a pot, waiting to be planted.  Ok, is it Clematis or Clematis?

 The first tomato flower.  We have three plants, all heritage varieties grown by our son from seed.

 The beautiful bright pink of our two Geranium pots.

The rabbits chewed this Parsley down to half inch stems when it was within reach.  Now it sits 3 feet up on a cart on the deck, and is rebounding nicely.

Some of the tiny little Daisies that pop up in the grass, at a house down the road.

 A Song Sparrpw songing loudly, right out in the open this time.  I lightened the exposure so you could see the cark spot on its breast.

Actually, most of our garden is green, hostas and ferns.  This is my little corner off the back deck with Rhubarb, Christmas Fern (the tall straight one) and Fragile Fern.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

McGowan Falls

About a week and a half ago, we drove down to Durham to see McGowan Falls.  The falls is right in town, where a bedrock ledge in the Saugeen River provided an ideal location for a millpond.  So there's now a dam immediately above the falls and you can watch the water flowing over both the dam and the rocky ledge.

The whole falls, mill dam and rocky ledges together.  A selection of closer views below.

Here's a little video for you, if it works!