Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunny Winter Day - Briefly!

The day dawned in bright sun and a deep blue sky, perfect for some photography.  So I planned to head out after walking the dog.  But by the time I was ready a huge cloud bank was rolling in from the west fast, closing off that beautiful blue sky in a quick five minutes.  It was just like a blind being pulled down on a window.  Says something for getting out there quick when the light conditions are right!

I headed out anyway, and drove around looking for good viewpoints with safe parking. And I did find a few nice places to get pictures.  The barns are disappearing fast around here - three were removed down the road in one week, so some of my pictures were of favourite views with barns in them.  Both of these have the clilffs of Old Baldy looming above Kimberly in them, though they're different barns.

And this scene was further north, down one of the dozens of sideroads.  Nice winter day for a drive, even without the blue sky.  And maybe I'll get out the snowshoes this afternoon.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


The winter storm arrived Thursday, with the warmer air of a low pressure system, the temperature rose, and we were supposed to get rain.  But we never did, just brief periods of freezing rain, as the temperature stayed lower than expected - fine with me!   Then a slow accumulation of an inch or two on Friday morning, til things looked really white.  And the temperature has plunged to well below freezing, and is forecast to stay there.  I hope it doesn't rise til March!

But then the wind picked up, while the snow continued.  Last night it was howling wildly, and by the time I ventured outside with the dog after dark a serious drift had accumulated across the front of the garage, while further out, the driveway was blown bare, right down to the gravel.  Our walk was pretty short in the blizzard!  Quite a bit later I spotted flashing lights out back, and went out to discover a pick-up in the ditch.  Tow truck was soon there, and off they went.

By this morning the snow had stopped, and the sun started to come out.  We have 6" of fresh powder snow everywhere - except where the howling wind blew things bare.  Snowblower came out for the first time, and I blew away the drift in front of the garage, and the ridge left by the snowplow at the top of the driveway.  Meanwhile, the branches of the pines are laden with white.  It's actually deep enough to get the snowshoes out - 3 cheers for real winter, though there's still a bitterly cold north wind.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Dusting

Beautiful dusting of snow the other day left everything outlined in white for awhile - until the temperature rose a little.

Then it all melted and vanished in the sunshine of the afternoon.  Today it was back. But now it's serious freezing rain.  Hope the temperature goes up a little instead of down. 

 But what I'd really like is some serious cold winter temperatures and SNOW! Please!

Monday, December 10, 2012

December Walks

I love December walks when it's cold, with a wind blowing light snow across the landscape and through the fencerows.  It's invigorating, and now that the ground is getting frozen and snow-covered rather than muddy, we've started our walks through the farm next door.  There's not a lot that makes a great picture on dark December days, but beech leaves in the woods have always been one of our favourites.  They tend to stay on the young saplings all the way until the next spring, rustling when there's a breeze blowing.

We walk part of our usual walk around the loop, but then we cut off through the woods down an old tractor trail, now partly overgrown with raspberries and young saplings.  There's no clear trail out to the old fields of the farm, but you can pick your way through the trees and over the fallen branches to get there.  They've recently stopped haying the small fields on this farm, but the owners mow trails down the old lane and around the edge, which make for great walking at this time of year.  Soon it will be on snowshoes.

In the meantime, I can let the dog run here, and try training her to return when called!  So far it's working.  And I'm sure her walks are more interesting than usual, as she runs here and there following the freshest smells.  A fair distance from any houses, I'm sure these fields and fencerows see lots of deer and coyotes.