Monday, May 7, 2018

The Furry Gnome Progress and Upcoming Birthday

Hello friends.  It has been a wild rollercoaster ride that the Gnome and his family have been on, but I am pleased to say that he is now out of ICU, after 75 days!  As one Dr. said of Stew - " You are a legend in ICU!"   He is now on a regular hospital ward and is able to do a few things independently, such as using a callbell to summon  the nurse!  It is a real tribute to his strength and determination that he has made such progress.  He remains on dialysis  and hopefully he will regain his upper body strength with physio and rehabilitation.  He is now complaining of feeling bored which is a good thing! His sister, Marilyn, our son Matt and myself continue to  share bedside duty, reading to him, playing music and providing support.  He particularly enjoys us reading nature related books and articles.
We want to thanks all his blogging friends for their support, positive thoughts and prayers.
On May 12, Stew will be celebrating his 70th Birthday, a milestone that we are most grateful for. Please send greetings and Birthday wishes that I will share with him on that day!
Kindest Regards from the FG and Mrs. FG.