Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Fences

Just a few fences around the valley, pictures I collected on my drives a week or two ago.  I'm sure you've seen all of these views at some point in the past 3 years.  Running out of pictures now; I've only taken a dozen shots in the past ten days, all out a window or just outside the door!  Cabin fever is setting in!

 Blue Mountain in the distance.

 View from Epping Sideroad

 A favourite fence for shadows. 

 A new horse farm fence.

 And a big cattle farm - it's snowing.

A favourite small shed, and a Bruce Trail stile.

You'll notice that my blog posts have become pretty simple, without many words, and perhaps a bit repetitive.  It's partly the vision, and partly that I start delivering a 6 week Life Long Learning Series on 'Great Scots' next week, so I've been spending all my time squinting at the computer screen, getting it ready!  My vision continues to improve, but it may be weeks before I can get a prescription for new glasses, so in the meantime, no driving, and reading is still a challenge.  Photography still feels mostly impossible.  Starting to ponder how else I can keep this blog  going.  Today we had thick fog; the only constant with the weather is change!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Crackling Outside!

Yes, we had several hours of freezing rain, coating all the trees and the rest of the world out there with a thin layer of ice.  It's dangerous on the roads and sidewalks, but it's pretty at the same time.

Our poor broken easvestrough was a line of icicles. 

The birch trees with their fine twigs (and some catkins waiting for spring), seem to show the ice best.

This is what I'd call a harmless ice storm, though I'm sure a few branches are down.  The ice did not accumulate heavily and the temperature is rising.  It will all probably be gone in two days.

Have you ever heard the ice crackle?  You can easily recognize an ice storm if you stick your head out the door in the morning, even if you keep your eyes closed, because you can hear it!  There's a bit of wind distortion in this, but turn up the volume and see if you can hear the crackling ice.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Frozen Webwood Falls

I've started getting some winter pictures of winter waterfalls, with their interesting formations of ice.  These ones are of Webwood Falls, a Bruce Trail property where we built a viewing platform for the falls last summer.

Can you see the falls down there, where it falls over the limestone into the gorge?

A somewhat better view, but still tricky to focus on between the trees; the slopes are too steep to even think about venturing down closer.

Ice and falling water, framed by two trees I was shooting between.

An ice cave at the bottom.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter Road Shadows

Some winter road shadows from that sunny drive a week ago for yuour viewing pleasure tonight.  These wooded roads are some of my favourites as I drive around the valley.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Winter Barns

On that sunny drive just a week ago I collected quite a few barn pictures, so you're going to have to put up with more of my rural countryside photos.  At least it was a beautiful winter day.

I'm only aware of three barns within quite a distance to have this unusual clerestory barn roof shape.  I have no idea what the advantage of this would be in a barn.  Any ideas?

This is a simple older barn down the valley aways, but it doesn't appear to be used at all, at least during the winter.  It's well cared for though.

And this is the barn at a local horseback-riding establishment a few roads away.

It's a big old barn, and being well used and cared for.  The entire western end was replaced this fall.

Did you notice the horse looking out the door in the first picture?

On the other hand, a little shed down in the field is defintiely not doing so well!

On the other hand, I'm doing well; the vision is slowly improving - or else I'm learning to squint closely at the computer screen.  The house seems quiet suddenly though.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Sun Turns

Have you noticed the longer days we're getting?  The first few weeks of January mark the turning of the season after the winter solstice.  The sun reaches its furthest point south, and starts rising each day further and further north on the horizon.  I mark the change by the point along our fenceow where the sun rises.

Dec. 20, 2016 - The Winter Solstice

Fri. Jan.  13, 2017 - Today
Look carefully; spring is on its way!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Good-bye Roxie!

Suddenly today we have to say good-bye to our beloved dog Roxie.  She had been loved, and been a big part of our life here.  She`s the one who got me out for at least a short walk every morning, and most afternoons.  She was gentle, handsome, and loyal.  We will miss our `Grey County Mutt`terribly.

This is my latest picture of her, just a few days ago, and it`s the way I will remember her, lying in the snow outside and surveying her domain.

She was at the dog sitters while we were away for my surgery, and was sick overnight.  Then we got a phone call saying they had rushed her to the vet.  I won`t share the details, but after tests and discussion with the vet it was apparent that the prognosis was very poor.  And she was obviously in a great deal of pain.  We made the agonizing decision and said our good-bye.  When I can see clearly I`ll put together a longer post about her life with us.

Good-bye Roxie.