Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Wonderful Visit!

We've had a wonderful two full day visit with our daughter, our S-I-L and their family.  We haven't seen them for just over two years!  It was a joy-filled reunion.  It was so nice to get re-connected and filled in on the details of their lives; it's just not the same over the phone or Facetime, but this was wonderful.

It was as if I was just a spectator, and Mrs. F.G. took care of everything, from organizing food to crafts and games to keep the two kids busy.  Making 'furry gnomes' was the first project (I don't think anyone has got the connection yet!).  Our daughter was so impressed she wanted to make one too.

Then there was putting up the tree and decorating it.  They carried up the awkward big box from the basement, unpacked it and got it up, with lights on.  Then our two grands, under Mrs. F.G.'s direction, decorated the entire tree!  We could hardly believe how helpful and careful they were, and it accomplished an enormous and now-difficult task for us.

This was the beginning of what we hope will be an annual trip, tied into a Christmas get-together for our S-I-L's work.  He has one of those amazing online jobs where he can work from home and live wherever he wants, which is what enabled them to move to B.C. in the first place.  But the company, a very small and specialized computer programming group, is based near Detroit. 

It would not only be wonderful to see them once a year, but to enjoy a new family tradition of the grandchildren decorating the tree.  That would be a huge help to us, and we don't know when or whether I'll be able to travel that far.

At some point the Nutcrackers were brought ip and placed around the tree.

And then two little elves that were my mother's were added.

A few early Christmas presents too.  These are doll clothes for a Barbie.  Only the seamstresses among you will appreciate how much Mrs. F.G. enjoyed preparing this gift!

At the moment it's snowing so heavily that the window is covered with tiny white patches, and the world outside is quickly turning white again.  It had been almost green, though quite icy after two warm days,  Glad they got away early this morning on their way to the airport.


  1. Doll's clothes, the most fiddly of all sewing!!! And Furry Gnomes, I did have to laugh.The connection is true.... Love the tradition and to have family there would have been a very special time.

  2. Oh that sounds like a wonderful visit and a great start to a new tradition!

  3. Barbie clothes are a lot of work. Lucky granddaughter!

  4. I think without children around Christmas just isn't as Christmasy. At least that's been my experience. Liked all the colors and elves in your photos. Great upcoming family tradition.

  5. Nice tradition especially the Furry Gnomes. Just too bad they could not stay longer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. That tree is wonderful, and all the doll clothes certainly brought back memories for me! :-)

  7. Wow...someone is an exceellent seamstress. I used to make clothes, but for my own dolls. lovely lovely snow.

  8. So nice to send some special family time with family at Christmas I and looking forward to some this year the mis time together here since 2006

  9. Great to have grand kids around and have them participate in Christmas activities.

  10. What cute Gnomes! Those Barbie Doll cloths are works of art, years ago I attempted to make some...I am not a seamstress like your Missus!

  11. I have enough trouble stitching a button on a shirt, so I can only imagine the amount of dexterity and patience required to make those Barbie clothes - I have more patience than I used to have but dexterity has decreased proportionately. They made a wonderful job of decorating the tree.

  12. What a wonderful early Christmas gift! Kids love being so helpful and they especially love decorating!

  13. A great experience with grandchildren and children dressing the Christmas tree that you have survived.

  14. How wonderful for the kids and grands to visit! I'm sure both you and Mrs. F.G. enjoyed and appreciated the help getting Christmas decorations up.
    I DO appreciate very much the doll clothes, I made a very few in my early marriage for Bridgette but Mom made tons for me and my dolls. :) Does Mrs. F.G. need a Ken for Christmas so he can be dressed too?

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  16. Good that you were able to get together.