Thursday, December 12, 2019

Snowy Day

Yesterday was a snowy one here, with blowing snow squalls making driving miserable until about two o'clock.  Our caregiver initially cancelled but later, when it cleared up was able to come after all.  In the meantime here are a few pictures to show you that it is actually winter here (and cold too)!

Snow squalls fed by streamers off the Great Lakes come and go, blowing hard one minute and less so the next.  At times you really couldn't see anything beyond our back yard.

I went to my favourite living room window and it was speckled with little patches of snow.  Not wet snow, just white fluffy stuff blowing so hard it stuck to the glass.  I couldn't really get a picture at all.

Then out popped the sun for two minutes before another snow squall blew in.  The problem with these snow squalls is not the depth of snow they leave behind, though sometimes that happens, but the visibility that is suddenly shut off by a curtain of white.  It happens so fast that it surprises you, no matter how much you know it's coming, and then the driving is treacherous.


  1. We had none down here! I hate driving in snow like that!

  2. Driving in falling snow is an eerie feeling, no matter which way you are going, it flies past the windows and sticks. I have given up the dream of living where there is snow on the ground in winter, with age advancing by the year, a warmer place is a better option.Here in NZ we are not geared up for those frigid conditions, Double glazing is becoming the norm, and central heating more popular specially in the far south.

  3. I don't like the look of that! Though I do like the effect of snow sticking to the side of trees, which makes them look like etchings. Stay warm!

  4. Only a dusting down here. I do not like the restrictions for travel when we get big snoews like that here. WE do no have the needed snow equipment!

  5. Brrr … not a sight I'm used to!
    Here in the UK it has been very, very wet!

    Stay warm.

    All the best Jan

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I'm afraid I have to disagree with the other commenters -- winter is a great time to be out and about; perhaps not to drive, but to be outside in the wind and cold and snow.

  7. Hate those snow squalls alway lucky if you can avoid the and stay inside .

  8. I kind of like the look of those snow splats but I agree that it's not fun to drive around in such weather. Glad your caregiver was able to make it. :-)

  9. For folks like you and I living right alongside the Great Lakes these year round seasonal storms sure keep us on our toes. Those snow streamers coming in off the lake are deadly. Can be zero visibility, high winds, blowing snow and totally unexpected. A few days ago we could hardly see the road out front but when I clicked on the Grand Bend weather cam 15 miles south of us the Sun was shining. Crazy weather but it can also be exciting and create an almost unimaginable winter wonderland out of the formally gray landscape. And it can do it in a mere matter of minutes sometimes. Tis truly a nice area we live:))

  10. Yep, that's winter all right! The trees are beautiful.

  11. Winter Wonderland! So pretty but yep, really terrible to drive in.

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