Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Down to the Bay

In other recent news, we did get down to the bay one day last week to check out the blue sky, blue water and the waves.  It was a windy day and at least a couple of sailboats were out.  In news here at home, we've started work on the gardens surrounding the new patio.

Both the bay and the sky were beautifully blue!

The buoy marking one side of the channel in and out of the harbour, and a distant sailboat.

Another not-quite-so-distant sailboat wallowing in the waves a bit.  It's windy enough that you'd need to know how to sail well to be out on a day like this, not a day for novices!

As you look further to the left or north you catch the corner of Cape Rich, an area of early settlement, then the Meaford Tank Range, now the Land Force Central Area Training Centre or Camp Meaford.

This is the site of a very controversial energy project development by TCE, the new corporate name for Trans Canada Pipelines.  They propose to create a pumped storage hydro plant, pumping water up the escarpment overnight when electricity rates are cheap and demand is low, and letting it run back downhill when demand is high.

A strong local group, Save Georgian Bay, has formed.  You can read more about it on their website.  Citizen opposition in the community seems very strong to me.  I will write more about it.

Meanwhile the two guoys we've hired are hard at work this morning, getting the area ready for extra topsoil, pea stone and mulch.  Making progress.

Bloggers new format finally reached my account today, so this is my first post with it.  I didn't really notice much difference with it, perhaps because I mostly use default settings for pictures and just centre everything.  Let me know if you notice any problems.


  1. As one older sea forecaster did say down here, in the Coromandel area " Bit of a jobble on the water today" That deep blue, and the new garden, everything looking rosy.

  2. Blue, blue, blue down by the bay. Your blog post under the new format looks just fine. Being an old fuddy-duddy, I stayed with the old format but I assume that someday the old format will go away courtesy of Google just as Picasa disappeared.

    1. Picasa hasn't quite disappeared. Many people including me still use it. You just can't download it from Google anymore, you have to look harder. Gord.

  3. Hello,

    Beautiful view of the bay and sky! It is nice you have help for the new garden area. I do not like the new blogger format. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. I've just begun to use Blogger's new format as well. I really thought I'd have more problems than I have encountered. Maybe I shouldn't say that too soon.
    The young guys you hired sure look young. But then I see young people driving that look WAY too young to be doing so. Comes with my age I suppose.

  5. Those blues of water and sky are gorgeous!

    It will be interesting to see how the hydro project goes!

  6. I love the look of that blue blue water. And I don't see any change. Perhaps it's because those of us who tried it early on found all the glitches and now they are fixed. :-)

  7. That water is sure blue. As for blogger, the new format reached mine a few days ago. I have not had real problems, except there are some things I notice different. Not saying that it is good or do with the html. In fact it may be good. Somehow the other had a glitch in the pics, and mine would appear blurred unless clicked on. A friend told me what to play with in the I ALWAYS had to go in and change that.

  8. Oh those water scenes are so beautiful!! I don't have a problem with the new blogger either. Not much difference just a wee bit difference in doing it.

  9. I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs, that first one is stunning :)

    All the best Jan

  10. No problems here with the new set up. I just wonder why the change as it doesn't seem to have improved anything.

  11. I’ve had a terrible time with the new version of blogger. I can’t use the preview function at all and there have been plenty of other niggles. It’s caused me endless problems. Maybe it’s because I use an iPad. The stats information is much clearer than it used to be though.

    Your photos of the Bay are always lovely.

  12. I'm so excited to see your new gardens! I lack the motivation here, but I love yours!
    I've been going back and forth with new blogger. They've changed it up several times, as there are major glitches. I don't mind learning new tricks, but this change it to make people happy using their smart phones for this. I use my laptop. sigh.

  13. Took me three tries to finally switch over to the new Blogger. One of the biggest glitches involving the loading of photos was solved when I switched to Google's Chrome. It was an instant fix.