Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sunny February Skies

We've actually had 3 days of sunny skies here so far this month!  (That means 15 days that weren't!).  I've taken advantage of every sunny day to get out and do at least a little photography, while refreshing my vitamin D.

I hopped out of bed just as the sun was breaking the horizon this morning, and immediately saw that we had a clear blue sky.  I decided to head out for some winter waterfall shots - we get so few sunny winter days like this.  And that sun is now creeping steadily north along the horizon; it's only 4 weeks this weekend til spring!

By 10.30 I was ready, and headed out.  I was serious this time, and took my tripod and my Neutral Density filter, which you need in winter sun to darken the picture if you want those 'slow' shots of water falling.  As this view over our back meadow shows, the sky was still completely blue, and a brilliant blue too!

Last week I got some sunny skies when I was in Meaford and took these shots.  As often happens when we do get sunny skies over land, there was a cloud bank out over the bay.

There's just something about blue water and blue skies together.....

The week before when I was in Meaford during the mild spell, we also had a bit of sun, and some interesting cloud formations.  Someone said these clouds presage changing weather.  The weather has been changing pretty well every day, so I'm not sure how much that helps!

And by 3 o'clock today, when I'd finished photographing my 4th waterfall, the sky was still completely blue from horizon to horizon.  A really special day of sunny skies, this one over Georgian Bay just north of Owen Sound.  I'll get to some of those waterfall pictures by Monday next week.

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  1. I love those blue blue skies, and the fine pictures you've shared. :-)

  2. Love the sky shots and the unusual clouds. But I'm hoping you'll show your waterfall pics too.

  3. Even on a cold day sunshine will perk me up and change my whole outlook about winter.

  4. We need a closer look at that lighthouse!

  5. The sun came out for 5 minutes so far today! ;-)

  6. Haven't seen much sun here either!!

  7. Oh, my that is a pretty sky! Hope you will be showing waterfall shots tomorrow!

  8. I know what you mean about dreary days! I enjoyed your beautiful photos:)