Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Meaford Harbour - Again

It was a few days later, the mild spell was over, cold temperatures had returned, and the snow was back.  The scene along the shoreline in Meaford was quite different from yesterday's post!

It was sunny but bitterly cold with a stiff breeze off the bay, and the Bighead River was choked with ice floes.

I like the pattern, and I expect that with even colder temperatures over the weekend, this is now a solid sheet of ice.

I walked as far as the start of the breakwalls, but now that they were snow-covered, there was no way I was going to go ever a short distance out on the boulders!

The swells were rolling in, and I left the boulders alone to enjoy winter!

You could easily see how the ice builds up on the boulders with the splashes.  What a difference a few days means!

But I stayed on the main pier.  I hope this counts as a fence for TexWisGirl's 'Good Fences' meme.

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  1. Bone chilling, looking at these photos!

  2. Those photos have a real chill about them. I think you're very wise to stay away from those rocks! And if the railing keeps you from slipping into the water it certainly qualifies as a "good fence".

  3. Love your capture of the ice patterns on the bay.

  4. Meaford has never had so much publicity.

  5. What a difference! If I didn't know they are the same place, I would have missed it. Very interesting patterns in the ice floes. :-)

  6. oooooh look at those frozen icicles on the rocks, stunning!! i have been searching here for scenes like these, but have yet to find anything. it's been cold, but not for enough consecutive days!!

    these images are so pretty, exactly what i have been looking for!!!

  7. Lovely photos but boy it looks cold by that water BRR ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  8. Yes---a few days can make a huge difference for sure. You were wise not to venture out there on those boulders.. YIPES.

    Beautiful set of pictures...

  9. Gosh that looks frightfully cold!

  10. Beautiful pictures though is sure looks cold!!!