Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Teapot Hill Trail

Our last hike while we were out in B.C. two weeks ago was in Cultus Lake Provincial Park, on the Teapot Hill Trail.  It goes uphill for an hour, a fairly steep climb, but we only went a short distance to get a taste of it.  Our 15 month old grand-daughter wanted to walk up the trail herself!  I had lots of time to get pictures.

The trailhead is easy to find, right along the south side of Cultus Lake.

And it was more mossy forest all the way up the trail.

 With lots of big old stumps from the forest of the past.

Apparently it`s a tradition to leave teapots along the trail, but they accumulated and got broken so much at the top of the hill that the parks service gathered them up and removed them.  Obviously some hikers are determined to resurrect the idea.

We passed a tiny little stream draining down from uphill.

And lots more of those mossy trees.

Once we got to a second stream, where our grand-daughter wanted to play in the water, it was time to turn around.

Down through the mossy forest again,

And one last picture of our daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter; our grandson was in school.

Our last glimpse of Mount Baker, the clouds thinned and the sun actually came out.

More Cascade Mountains to the east.

And finally, we got an actual sunset on our last day!  The most sun we`d seen all week.

Today in the valley is a different story, and tomorrow we`ll get back to some pictures of the seasons - snow, snow and more snow!  By 4 p.m. today we`d had 24`` in 24 hours.  A snow streamer off Lake Huron was parked overhead for about 6 hours, and we got a foot of snow in those hours alone - 2`` per hour!  I blew out the driveway twice, but the plow hasn`t been back to clear the road yet, so we`re sitting out the storm until it gets here.  Too busy on the more important roads I expect.


  1. Sit tight, and keep warm. Super series of photos, and those peaks in the distance, every time I see them I dream of living somewhere to see that each winter. Then reality appears. Keep warm and safe on the roads if you can venture out your door.

  2. I so enjoy the mossy green of the PNW, it is always a treat for my eyes!
    You got a snowstorm!! That is a lot of snow in just a few hours...stay warm:)

  3. Lovely shots. I like the moss on the trees. Kinda neat I think. Nice family

  4. Wow, that's a lot of moss... and a lot of snow!

  5. it almost looks like one of the photos like seaweed draped down off one of the trees, but a very nice spot to visit.

  6. I can see why you'd want to walk such a beautiful trail, I can understand why your granddaughter would want to play in the stream, I'd be right with you taking photos of the wonderful mossy trees, I can see why people would stand and stare at those incredible mountains, but what in the world entices people to leave teapots along a trail?

  7. Gorgeous trail. Interesting teapot idea! Who thought of that, I wonder?

  8. Wonderful photos . I do like all the moss in the forest makes for a different and interesting sight . We are to get a storm coming in later on this afternoon and over night into Saturday think it may dump a lot of snow for us . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. As always, I enjoy seeing pictures of the beautiful environs you visit. The mossy trees are familiar to me, so much so that I don't bother taking pictures of them any more. I might have to change that. I simply LOVE your last three pictures. Wonderful! :-)

  10. I was noticing at first that you were not having snow. I am sure that has corrected by now. That is a beautiful mountain range. I always enjoy your views of your part of the world. I would have to drive west two days to see the Rocky Mountains.

  11. Those mountain views are breathtaking out there.

  12. your images are all really beautiful!! i love the name of the trail and your daughter and her family are adorable. it look like this was a successful photography trip!!!

  13. What a gorgeous area to hike. It's so green and lush looking.