Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bald Eagles and Mountains

On our last day out west I suggested that we drive up the north shore of the Fraser River, heading east toward Chilliwack.  We got to see some new scenery, lots of eagles, and lots of mountains.

I think this is the spot where I finally realized how many Bald Eagles you might see out west!

We were driving down this road, and saw all these photographers on top of a dike beside the road.  We couldn't tell what they were looking at, but our son-in-law turned around, drove back, and we got out to look.  Their cameras are a cut above mine!

This is what we saw, a quiet stretch of the Harrison River, known as Nicomen Slough.  That's Nicomen Peak on the right and Dewdney Peak on the left in the background.  Notice the fresh snow on the top of Nicomen Peak.

Then we started counting eagles!  I think we saw at least 10 altogether.  Notice the fourth eagle on the far left in this shot.

There were also eagles down on the sandbars in the river, along with the gulls.

A last look at the Bald Eagles we saw in B.C.  One of the highlights of our trip!

We drove on up the highway (this is Highway 7, the Lougheed Highway), as far as Agassiz, and then crossed over the Fraser River, headed south and found a place to go for our final hike.

How's this for a view as you drive downtown in your local community?

Tomorrow one last post from our visit to Abbortsford.  Meanwhile, it's bitterly cold, snowing, and windy here, the kind of winter day when you just stay put.  Several highways around us are closed.  visibility is down to zero in places.


  1. Magnificent birds and magnificent country!

  2. Wow, what a great view from the road. And the Eagles, no wonder all the paparazzi were there with tele lenses.

  3. What beautiful scenery!! I could live there! Stay warm, sounds like it will be cold for a week or so:(

  4. Hello, fabulous views of snow covered mountains. I love the eagles, awesome sightings. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. What a beautiful place. We get eagles here, but hardly that many!

  6. Just beautiful! I love your pictures, and yes, that view would be so lovely to see when driving to and from anywhere. Your final panorama pictures are stunning. :-)

  7. Isn't it amazing?! I love it there.

  8. Those mountains are incredible.

    I chatted earlier today with two people from Kitchener, who are staying here an extra day or two because the weather there is getting rough.

  9. Beautiful photos! I love that whole area where the mountains loom over the flat land of the valley.