Thursday, December 22, 2016

Solstice Sunrises

Yesterday was the winter solstice here, so the days are now getting longer!  Spring will inevitably come.  In the meantime, the shortest days are a good time to get sunrise pictures, because the sun rises so late - after 8 a.m. yesterday for the solstice.  Makes it easier for me!

This first sunrise was two weeks ago, a gentle pink across the morning ski.

If I zoom in on the sunrise, I get those bright colours at the heart of it all, but the trees along our fencerow are always in the way.

And by the time the sun actually rises, all colour in the sky is gone.

This second sunrise is the actual solstice sunrise, a beautiful slightly orange sunrise spread widely across the sky.  I had left the camera in the car overnight, so I had to get dressed fast to get out and get it.

The colours in this one were just gorgeous.

And from a somewhat different angle, through the window, the sun actually rises, 15 minutes later.  It should really be called a 'pre-sunrise' morning sky!

I also managed a couple of moon shots one night, not quite at the full moon, and not quite clear, but nice never- the-less.  Hope you're all ready for the holiday!

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  1. The earth is a beautiful place! Fabulous photos!

  2. Prettier than a Christmas card!

  3. So lovely! You are lucky to have such a wide clear view of the sunrise, with only the silhouettes of trees between the vivid colors and you.

  4. Your photos are all wonderful. My view of the sun will be back as the earth starts to tilt back again.

  5. These are so beautiful. Wonderful colours.

  6. We woke to clouds and wind here in the city. At least we aren't missing good weather back home for the holidays. - Margy

  7. I love the sunrise also. Your images are beautiful. If you want to dribble over into Washington, Bob and i could met you and your family up by the border or Lynden. but you must make a trip up to Baker. It is quite a mountain and not far from your daughter's home. I mean it is a day trip. We go there quite a bit. We are probably the same distance. Anyway wander into Wa and see the same vistas you see from Abbotsford. LOL

  8. Isn't it a blessing? I bop from blogger photos in FLorida (warmth & sun) to ours here in the snow, and it is all joyful.
    Your skiing photos make me wish I could go, our wetland is only suitable for snowshoeing, though!
    I built a snowman yesterday, though!!!

  9. Very nice pictures of the sunrises near the solstice, and that moon is wonderful! Well done. :-)

  10. Super sky shots.
    I'll be glad to have the longer daylight hours.

  11. Such beautiful shots you've shared with us, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  12. Beautiful sunrise shots and a great moon photo.