Thursday, May 23, 2024

Lilac Lane

On Monday of this week we went to Collingwood and stopped at Craigleith on the way home to see the Lilacs.  The first quarter-mile of the Georgian Trail running east from the Craigleith museum is lined with Lilacs, so we refer to it as Lilac Lane.  The trail here is the old Northern Railway, and the museum is in the old railway station.

It was a beautiful day and plenty of both walkers and bikers were using the trail  The bikes I remember seem to be going out of fashion; instead we saw a lot of fat tire bikes.

The bay was calm, separated from us by the highway.  And in spite of what it looks like, that horizon is level!  The wire and the guardrail are not.

There were huge swaths of both pale purple and white Lilacs in full bloom.  You're encouraged to pick some stems to take home - it's the scent that is most memorable.

These Lilacs are certainly not as well maintained as one in your yard might be; there were a lot of dead twigs.

So I did my best with cropping photos to highlight the best parts.

I was still 10 feet away from most of the blooms.

I liked these pales purple ones best.

Hope you have this beautiful day where you are, and are outside enjoying it.  I'm headed out for lunch.


  1. We need some lilacs down here, dull, cloudy and cool. But I did enjoy the trip with you,Grandson calls it "living vicariously through his photos" and I guess that's what I will be doing after July when he is in Canada for maybe 2 years !!!

  2. Aren't they beautiful. The pictures are gorgeous. I bet it sure smells good there.
    Hope your leg is mending well.

  3. Sadly our lilacs are all done. I can imagine the wonderful scent along lilac lane.

  4. I would love to have a lilac near me. Haven't been able to smell their lovely scent for a long time.

  5. that patch of lilacs would have an overwhelming scent.

  6. Looked like you found the perfect spot to spend this wonderful day.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I always look forward to seeing the Lilacs each Spring and catching whisps of their memorable scent

  8. Neato! We revisited our lilacs, including lilac lane yesterday. I just posted too.

  9. I've been trying for days to leave a comment. Hope this one works. I loved those white tulips, BTW.

  10. Lovely! It's one of the best aromas in spring.

  11. Wow, the scent must be pleasantly overwhelming.

  12. The pictures are so lovely, I'm sure it smells good there :)

    All the best Jan