Friday, May 17, 2024

Back in our Garden

Mrs. F.G. is working very hard at keeping the garden looking good, and making good use of our invaluable gardener.  She's also dealing with the remnants of about 200  plants she grew from seed, especially tomatoes and peppers.  She's got rid of the ones she was planning to give away, so now it's a matter of planting what's left.  She's out there doing that now.

A beautiful pink Bleeding Heart sits right outside my window.

The Primrose continue to look good.

My Christmas Fern is sending its fiddleheads up straight as they unfold into fronds.

Our gardener was determined to keep working in the rain!

But I sure felt sorry for him working so hard down on his knees in his raincoat!

On the other hand, he got a lot done!  Take a look at that neat edge, and the ground in and around thsoe raised beds.

There will still be some 'deliberate weeds' left to contribute their beauty.  These are the large thick fuzzy leaves of Common Mullein, which can grow to 8 feet high here.


  1. Lovely flowers! What is the screen around the top of the 3 raised beds? Your garden will probably give you many delights over the next seasons.

  2. I can't wait for this year's abundance of flowers where I live (Western Canada). Sigh.

  3. Those round beds with netting? Keep the rabbits out or give a support for tall flowers? All looking wonderful, ouo\r gardener says " I'll be there if the stones are dry" Maybe your chap doesn't follow her NZ suggestion!!! Love that Mullein.

  4. What's the secret to growing amazing Primroses like those?

  5. You're lucky to have good help although I'm sure it's not free.

  6. The primrose here are still beautiful. One of the first to bloom too.
    Mullien, my sisters swear by it. Dry the leaves and make tea for aches, pains, joints, coughs etc.

  7. The garden looks great already. Wish your gardener lived nearby.

  8. You are very fortunate to have two experienced and dedicated gardeners working hard at making everything look so beautiful.

  9. It doesn't look like much fun working in the rain, but he sure did a great job!

  10. I always find it is easier to remove weeds after a rain. I've never tried doing it while it was raining though. He certainly is invaluable!
    Love the flower photos, especially the bleeding heart.

  11. The gardens are beautiful. Love those primroses.
    You have a dedicated gardener to help. :)

  12. The garden is looking wonderful. I didn't mind working on the gardens, but not in the rain.
    Are those your Veggies growing in the raised beds and does the screening keep the rabbits out?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.