Sunday, May 19, 2024

Elsewhere in the Garden

We've got some pretty interesting plants growing, so let me share a little of our current late May garden.  It's changing fast of course, because the last few things are getting planted.

The Leopard's Bane is blooming, providing a nice bright yellow patch.

And this is a really rare plant that grows in the limestone barrens of Manitoulin Island.  It's so rare that it doesn't have a common name, so we call it Manitoulin Daisy.

I hope you get the idea of the Forget-me-nots spreading through the garden.

I managed to get a picture of the female Song Sparrow that is nesting close by.  How's that for camouflage?


So I did break my leg the other day, but it doesn't feel like a big deal.  You need to understand that paraplegics like myself lose strength in their bones quite quickly, developing osteoporosis.  We are  frequently subject to fractures because the muscles are no longer contracting.  It doesn't hurt because of course I have no feeling in my leg anyway.  I was totally unaware of it happening.

In any case my caregiver convinced us to get it looked at, so yesterday I rode myself over to our town's small hospital.  They took ex-rays, consulted with the doctor and then took more.  It turns out I fractured both my tibula and fibula, spiral fractures due to twisting my leg.

The way it happened was quite innocent.  Our newly renovated drugstore is no long wheelchair friendly.  It's very crowded and hard to turn around in  I was maneuvering to get close to the card reader which is up high, when the counter caught my toe, pulling it sideway a little too far.  My caregiver described my foot as 'loosy-goosey'.

They put my lower leg in a cast and sent me home, telling me to keep on riding around!  The good doctor applied the cast to position my lower leg in the natural position it would have while I'm in my chair.  So we were able to go to church today.  You can stop worrying about me!


  1. So thankful you can still get out and about.How often would they get a person with a broken leg, 2 bones, to take themself to the hospital? This might be a FIRST for the X-Ray department.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the breaks were identified and you've been casted. I hope the bones heal quickly.
    Isn't that ironic that a drugstore wouldn't be accessible? I think I'd be letting the owners know about your broken leg.
    The flowers are so pretty!

  3. Good to know they put the cast on in the best way for comfort ( and that you are obviously not in pain).
    Here the Leopard's Bane is done for the season. Youngest Son cut it down this week.

  4. Beautiful garden flowers.
    Thanks for the update on your broken leg. Glad you're not in pain. Will still be praying for a quick recovery for you.

  5. I think Nancy J might just be right. How often indeed would they get somebody with two leg breaks in the same leg riding themselves into the hospital.

  6. Stop worrying? Never! What a time you have!

  7. OK, now we can expect more beautiful photos. So glad you were able to get bones put into place and cast on the broken leg. I hope the healing will go along smoothly and the cast will be off soon. To think a twist from your toe...yikes.

  8. I am glad you were treated promptly and can get around as before.

    The yellows in these photos are spectacular!

  9. Are you sure that's a Song Sparrow? Looks like a Lincoln's Sparrow to me.

  10. Say what?! A newly renovated pharmacy does not have proper disability access? That doesn't make sense.

  11. Glad to hear you are taken care of, and that hopefully the bones will knit together.