Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Working End of the Wharf

I was glad to see that Fisherman's Wharf hadn't all been given over to floating homes and restaurants.  An equal area still provides home base for commercial fishing vessels.  I always find these fascinating, even though I don't understand exactly how all the gear on these boats is used.

The fishing boats have been here a long time, and still come and go out of the harbour, all governed by the fishing seasons for different species.

Some have double masts like those on the two boats to the right; some are laden with several masts and numerous wires, like the one on the left.  And some, like the one in the foreground are missing the tall masts and seem simpler in outline (this one is a crabbing vessel). During the season you can buy fresh fish right on the docks.

The colourful floats add a flash of colour to boats that are mostly steel-grey.  I'm sure some of these operate as charter boats for salmon and halibut fishing here.

Walking back down the dock, we checked out the restaurants, even though it wasn't time for lunch.  We decided to stop for lunch anyway!

So we split a large order of fish and chips at Barb's, reputedly one of the best fish and chips outlets on the west coast.  Seemed appropriate for a visit to Fisherman's Wharf, and it was delicious!

Then we decided to hop on one of these bouncy little water taxis that bounce back and forth across the harbour, and take the easy ride back into the inner harbour.

If you want to see something interesting, check out this YouTube Video of the Water Taxi Ballet!  Skip to the middle of the video and just watch 30 seconds of it.  They do like to have fun out here in Victoria!

We landed under the looming bulk of The Empress Hotel, opened in 1908 by Canadian Pacific, a big local landmark, and a surviving Edwardian architectural masterpiece.

I picked up two daytime pictures of the provincial Legislature from similar viewpoints as the nightime shots in Thursday's post.  The little water taxi we arrived back on is in the lower left of the top picture.

And then we thought we needed desert, so we loaded up on sugar and calories with a delicious 'Beavertail', a unique Canadian deep-fried pastry delicacy that we've only had in Ottawa previously.  Delicious!  We'll have to skip two meals to make up for the calories!

Meanwhile, here at home the rain and abysmally low temperatures, just above freezing, continue!  Blah!


  1. You've got an excellent eye for those still-lifes (or should it be still-lives?). Love the colors (colours to you folks up north).

  2. Love the boats and the food.

    All of eastern Canada is wet I think!

  3. What precision, and graceful, as the water taxis turned in unison. They reminded me of the ice skaters in " Rose Marie" , I saw that in NZ when I was about 10 or 11.( 1950 0r so) And the RCMP, arm in arm, half of the troupe facing one way, they other half facing in reverse, and they skated round and round. Old buildings, they always have that beauty and stateliness.

  4. So many wonderful sights to see on the Island and around Victoria, thanks for taking us along. Looks like the rain has let up now just need a bit more heat and all will be much better.

  5. we have similar areas here at the jersey shore, and also a great spot to park to watch the fishing boats head out to sea. the food looks awesome, anything fried...but that desert, YuM!!!!

    great pictures!! have a wonderful sunday!!!

  6. We were happy to see the sun this morning so hopefully you'll be seeing it as well.
    Loved the pictures of BC.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Those look like proper working boats. The Empress is a true beauty, and I'm surprised to see Beavertails out there!

    I was photographing around the Rideau River and above the Ottawa River earlier. The water levels are very high, particularly on the latter. There's an island down below Parliament Hill that's under the water at the moment, and I've never seen white water like that down there.

  8. Nice to see the working boats. The Fish and Chips look very good and that dessert is something I'd sure like to try.
    I'd have to walk quite a few extra miles. : )

  9. Oh I want to ride on the wter taxi! Looks like fun