Wednesday, May 17, 2017

One Last Walk

Our last walk with our daughter and her family was memorable.  It leaves me wanting to get out there again as soon as possible!  We drove south down McKay Mountain (a big hill), to the McKay Creek Trail, quite close to the Trans-Canada Highway up the Fraser Valley.

This is another of those very good trails, which would work well for families even pushing a stroller.  By the time we were half-way finished we were wishing we had brought the stroller!  The trail goes through an interesting floodplain forest on the north bank of the creek.

The south bank is another of those dykes to protect the farmland (and the highway in this case), on the far side.  The trail back runs on top of that dyke.

We spotted at least a little wildlife, and a fair number of other people were out walking too.  Bald Eagles are rare sightings here at home, even if they seem common in coastal B.C.

Here's a closer look once we got on the trail underneath that tree, heading back.  The eagle was totally unconcerned!

The big pipsqueak got too hot, running all the way, so little pipsqueak decided to wear his coat awhile.  Quite a handsome outfit.

A Great Blue Heron flew down the creek, and when we scared it again it flew back and landed on the far side.

Not 100% clear, but that seems to be the best my auto-focus can do.  And my own eyes certainly couldn't come close!

It's pretty unusual to see Wood Ducks back in Ontario too, but here they seem plentiful (and so colourful).

Little pipsqueak had got tired and demanded to be carried long ago.  Finally I insisted on taking her from her exhausted mom, and we walked the trail together.  She had to wear my hat of course, since she was in the way of me wearing it.  I've no idea what she was pointing at; her feet were in my face.

My hat seemed to be popular; big pipsqueak had to wear it awhile too.

What a wonderful way to end our two weeks out west.  I think I'll remember this walk together forever!  She didn't drop my hat either.


  1. Enjoy the little ones; as you know, they get big much too fast.

  2. Wonderful shot of that egret in flight, and those adorable pipsqueaks, too! :-)

  3. Purple leggings, smart wee boots, and of course the big hat. This is what family time together is all about, and your photos make that memory always there.

  4. Great ending indeed.

    The heron shots are super!

  5. Hello!:) Beautiful scenic views. It looks like a fantastic trail, with plenty of wildlife and you took great shots of all the birds. A lovely family outing which will have lasting memories. I loved the shots of the little ones wearing your hat!:)

  6. There is nothing better than family.

  7. What a lovely trail and a lovely walk with family.

  8. Your trip sounds amazing... I LOVE the high mountains.... AND--this trail was awesome.. Your grandchildren are amazing....

    We have been gone for 10 days ---so I got really behind on my blog comments/visits.... SO--I went all of the way back to the TULIPS on your blog... Gorgeous!!!!


  9. I bet you miss both Big and Little Pipsqueak! I bet they were the highlight of the trip!

  10. The bald eagle looks suitably noble!

  11. It's still good to get out and about with family members including the little ones, helps them see there's life outside technology.

  12. Cute pics of you with your grandkids!

  13. That was a memorable walk. : ) Thanks for sharing it with us.