Monday, May 15, 2017

Matsqui Trail

After that short but interesting excursion, from tulips to mountains, we arrived back in Abbotsford to spend a few more days with our grandchildren and family.  We managed to get a couple of nice walks in on local trails they hadn't explored yet.

The Matsqui Trail follows the south bank of the Fraser River just north of Abbotsford, south of Mission, B.C.  It's an easy trail for families, because it's fine gravel - suitable for pushing a stroller along.

The access point we used was directly under the big bridge to Mission.  The name of the trail reflects the Matsqui First Nation, which occupies this area.

And there was a display filling us in on past flooding. You could details about the floods on '94, '48 and '72, and see the actual water levels on the flood gauge to the left.  After that the dyke was built to protect the good farmland behind it.

This picture of the trail shows the dyke on the right; the river is on the left.

 The trail is also part of the Trans-Canada Trail.

A connecting railway line crosses the trail, and the river, just a short distance along.  It actually has a section that swings for larger ships passing up the river.

There wasn't a lot of wildlife, but we did see a group of Common Mergansers floating on the river, and evidence of a beaver cutting trees.

Then we got to stop at the nearby Lepp's farm market, already a favourite for me!  I was surprised to see rhubarb on sale this early in the season, very carefully displayed!

And then I discovered that this farm outlet also has a coffee shop!  Wait til next time we visit!


  1. your walks sound a lot like ours. your appreciation for nature and simple things as well!!! i enjoy following along!!

  2. I also have been enjoying your excursions very much. Keep 'em coming, FG! :-)

  3. That rhubarb is way ahead of ours here. Love that sixth photo, FG.

  4. My stalks aren't that big because I grow mine in pots, but I did pick my first three last week. - Margy

  5. Looks like another great family outing and a nice scenic walk, more great pictures too.

  6. I would love to be there to see the section that moves for bigger ships...

  7. Cool bridge and I love how the rhubarb is being displayed. : )

  8. Rhubarb, what a grand way to show the stalks. This week in the 150 Canadian Women blocks, one is dedicated to Jennie Butchart, and some more interesting words on her seemed very relevant, as you had shown those photos of the glorious garden she developed. Trails that can take buggies and walkers alike are such good value.

  9. Hi Furry!
    What a great trip you had! Fantastic photos and memories...
    Enjoy the rest of your week...we are off yo Lake Erie in the am..
    Linda :o)

  10. The mergensers obviously like to get out on the water!