Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Scree Garden

Our 'scree' garden is an unusual corner of the garden, looking much like a rock garden, but with fine stone chip for mulch, and lots of little alpine plants.  It looks best in the spring, but over the season it has some really unusual little flowers.

Here's one tiny flower.

And this is the plant.

This is what the whole scree looks liked earlier in the spring - lots of rocks behind a railway-tie retaining wall, and a lot of little plants.

Here's a little corner of it.

I like these white and blue ones,even though I don't know the name.

Here's another of the little succulents in bloom.

And a closer look at the bloom.

There's also a great patch of Pinks at one end.

And a closer look.

And there are a lot of little succulents currently without blooms.

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  1. The white and blue ones are balloon flower or Platycodon.

  2. What a pretty group of flowers!

  3. so pretty, so natural....that's the way i like them!!!!

  4. Your scree garden looks lovely

  5. Sure is pretty! I love succulents and their blooms. :-)

  6. So many beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures.

  7. A scree garden! What a lovely idea you brought to such a beautiful life.

  8. I grew up seeing moms botanical garden everyday but I've never seen any of these. They're very pretty, I bet mom would love to grow them.

  9. What a lovely garden! I like succulents a lot. They're very decorative even without flowers.