Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Big Tub

Around the corner from the Tobermory harbour, in the Little Tub, is the Big Tub, a narrow but long inlet now lined with cottages on both sides.  And at the outer end is the Big Tub Lighthouse.

There's just a small corner of public land and a few parking spots, but it's well worth the extra short drive to enjoy the view.

You can look into the Big Tub, which extends a long distance west, lined with the typical rocky shore.

And looking out you see again those incredible colours of the very clear Georgian Bay water.

The pitting of the limestone is fascinating.  It seems to be both a result of slightly acid rain dissolving softer parts of the rock, and in this case, when it's right on the shoreline, small pebbles swirling around in the holes as the waves wash in and out.

This is a usual stop for tour boats, because there's a shipwreck you can see below you - hence the 'glassbottom boat' for one of the tours.  This particular boat looks more like a diveboat than a tour boat to me though.

Looking out into Georgian Bay you look beyond the tip of the peninsula out among the numerous islands that make up Fathom Five National Park.  I believe the right-hand island is Flowerpot Island.


I think you're going to get tired of me commenting on the colours, but every time you see it it's equally amazing.

This is another spot we'll be coming back to regularly.

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  1. Thank you for the nice water front tour.

  2. My favourite colours, and the shading, from light turquoise, to teal, to blue, to deep blue, and darker still, would be perfect in a quilt!!!

  3. Interesting rock formations, and I love that lighthouse!

  4. Amazing shots of water. Different colors are seen there. It looks very beautiful...

  5. What a splendid location! The colours are indeed spectacular. And I'm sure your explanation of the pitted rocks is spot on.

  6. It's really very beautiful, and the colors are stunning, so I understand the need to say it again. And I love that lighthouse! :-)

  7. What a gorgeous part f the world you live in! Thanks for sharing its wonders with your blog readers.

  8. The colours in the water and blue sky are really beautiful. I'd love to take a tour in a glass bottomed boat to see a shipwreck.

  9. Absolutely stunning - I'd come back over and over.

  10. Reminds me of Door County here in Wisconsin especially with that limestone.