Friday, August 7, 2015

Lion's Head Quilt and Art Shows and Farmers' Market

Last weekend was the annual 'Airing of the Quilts' and 'Bruce Peninsula Art Show', both held in the high school in Lion's Head.  Since we went on Saturday, we also got to check out the local Farmers' Market for the first time.

Let me say up front that the Art Show did not allow photography, so I have no pictures of art here - BUT, it was an incredible and interesting show that surprised me with both the quantity and quality of art on display (primarily paintings).  I would STRONGLY recommend it if you're in the area on the August holiday weekend.  Sorry I have no photos - use your imagination!

It was also a large and very well presented Quilt Show.  I consider myself something of a connoisseur of Quilt Shows now, having attended quite a few, and helped set up the one my wife organized last year.  So not only the quilts, but the set-up, the frames used to display the quilts, and the arrangement of things interest me as well as the quilts themselves.

As you can tell by these few of my favourites, my tastes in quilts hasn't changed; I just like the ones with bright colours!

But this is the quilt I thought would win the 'best of the show', a beautifully quilted large bed quilt, with a dramatic design, and stunning embroidery.  Mind you, I'm guessing that this embroidery was done by machine, with a computer-based design.  Still, it was very well done.  (My wife has tutored me over the years to recognize well done quilts!  Besides the overall pattern, colours and fabric choice, you look for the details!)

Earlier in the morning we had stopped at the Farmers' Market down by the beach, and were also surprised at the number of vendors there - a great market for a small town like Lion's Head, with nearly 25 vendors!

Among other vendors we discovered Wild Apple Farm, who had black currants available if we wanted to drop around to the farm.  So later that weekend we did, got some currants and raspberries, and this week I got my annual batch of 'Mixed Berry' jam for the winter!  My favourite!

There was even live music at the market, and I counted 11 musicians at one point in the group.  The Art and Quilt Shows are only on once a year, on the holiday weekend, but the market is every Saturday during the summer.  So I highly recommend it too.


  1. Keep on with the quilts, I'm sure Mrs F G has tutored you well, and after visiting lots of shows, your eye will be so right for choosing, selecting, and taking photos. My choice was photo #2, with greens, but the last one had such detailed stitching, placement, and design. What a wonderful place to be.

  2. The blue and white quilt certainly is lovely but my interest was really piqued by the first one which seems to combine quilting with florentine (or Bargello) tapestry work. Most interesting. You do go to some fun places.

  3. Love the quilts, too. Wish I could go visit that place myself. But your pictures are next best. :-)

  4. I love good farmer's markets. Quilting has really become a wonderful art. I attended the Houston show some time ago.

  5. It seems to be quite a busy market area. The quilts are lovely!

  6. Those quilts are gorgeous but the blue and white one is stunning. It reminds me of the old 'flow blue' china that I have of my grandmother's. The flea market looks interesting.