Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Landscape - Fences

Along with the fencerows, fields and barns that are part of our landscape, are the fences.  In fact, the more I look, the more I notice different styles of fences, in many different situations.  Here are a few from my drive around some rural concessions the other day.

This is one of my favourite views across the rural countryside around here, nicely framed by trees and the old fence itself, along this fencerow.  No nice red barn in the distance, but at least it's a nice view.

This is one of my favourite cedar rail fences - this one obviously rebuilt relatively recently with double posts to hold the rails.  And it seems to hold the snow when it comes, making for interesting pictures.

Just down the road I noticed these horses, at a large riding establishment, framed by this fence and some big old Sugar Maples.  Notice the electric fence for the horses, about 6 feet inside the old cedar rail fence.

A short stretch of recently built cedar rail fence beside a driveway, with an even more recent bit of dry-stone walling in front.

And here's some detail of our own little bit of fence.  I put up the horizontal rails on this simply by using 4, 5, or 6" deck screws.  Worked really well..

Ok, this isn't a fence, but it's a 'fence-to-be' - my own stockpile of cedar rails, waiting for me to build a second stretch of fence in the yard.  It's not a high priority, and these all disappear beneath the tall grasses and goldenrod all summer, so I tend to forget them!  Maybe next summer.

Weather Report - these would look very different today, as it's now been snowing for 6 or 7 hours.  In contrast with the forecast of a cm. or two (less than an inch), we now have nearly 10 cm. (4 inches); the world has turned white again.

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  1. These are all such wonderful old fences and the view behind them are very beautiful. I hope you get to put up your new fence next summer. We had freezing rain today and now drizzle as the temperature has gone up. Back to the freezer the next few days.

  2. Snow is a four letter word! Stay warm.

    I love split rail fences. These are beautiful.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your get well wishes.

    Have a blessed evening.

  3. Rail fences are so charming. Love the close up!

  4. Love the rail fences. Wonder when they were originally built?

  5. Those old fences have always appealed to me when I see them in the country.

    We got much the same weather here today.

  6. I don't think post and rail fences of this rustic form exist in any part of these islands. Stone walls are plentiful in the north but around here we mostly rely on wire fences and hedges. So these fence pictures are always good to see on blogposts from your part of the world.

  7. I also love the close up of your fence. It's really pretty, and now that I think of it, all your pictures are interesting and fun! :-)

  8. Fences are always fascinating. That first picture is just perfect.

  9. Great collection of fences, my favorite being the first.

  10. Wonderful fences! I love the detail shot.

  11. Very nice photos of beautiful subjects.

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