Thursday, August 31, 2017

The 7th Line - Part II

We pick up the 7th Line in Rocklyn tonight and head on north.  There's still a sign for the General Store, but it hasn't been in business for several years now.  Like many small hamlets in rural southern Ontario, it's  easier to drive a little further to a bigger store, and the commercial outlets in the small villages disappear.

Since my grandfather ran a general store for 30 years, I'm sensitive to the disappearance of these community hubs.

We pass two barn quilts on this route.  This was the very first one I saw in this area.

Shortly after that the road crests the Niagara Escarpment, and heads down a long slope to Georgian Bay.  On a sunny day this view is even better.

Right at the crest of this hill, the Bruce Trail crosses the road.  Not much to see at the road crossing, but miles of beautiful hiking trail in both directions.
We keep heading north, and pass this large barn, a huge addition put on the smaller old structure in the back.  Every now and then a cow lifts its head from eating and looks outside.

Once we've crossed the Niagara Escarpment we're in the watershed of the Bighead River, and we cross it just a mile and a half before Meaford, a popular fishing spot.

Riverside Hall is just beyond the river.  Run by volunteers, it hosts several events over the year, and weekly breadfasts over the summer.  The local branch of the Legion meets here as well.

And right beside the hall is a new display board highlighting the Trout Hollow Trail, where the great conservationist John Muir spent two years working in a sawmill while still in his 20's.  It follows the Bighead from the 7th Line downstream to Meaford.

At the stop sign we have to leave the 7th Line, turning right to follow Grey Road 12 into town, down the hill past the hospital.

As we near the shoreline, we pass the former town hall, now a very active concert hall and rental space used by many.  The old fire station with a tower for drying the hoses stands in the background.

One more block and we're at the harbour, looking across at the local Sailing Club, the boats all ready for sailing lessons I think.  Hope you've enjoyed our trip down the 7th Line.


It's been cold today, with an even colder north wind.  I don't mind at all, but it does seem a bit early for these kinds of temperatures.  Even saw a large flock of Canada Geese overhead, apparently heading south.


  1. At the stop sign..... I hope you can carry on right past the hospital. Lovely views down those roads that slope down. A barn quilt, and fleeting notions that your winter is coming closer. Enjoy those summer into autumn days while they are still warm. When is moving day?

  2. Oh, I did enjoy the views here...and glad you told that that was a popular fishing spot. I always wonder when anyone shows a creek, or river. Some of them look so appealing...

  3. Love that inquisitive cow! :-)

  4. Thanks for showing us some of the sights in your area!

  5. I did enjoy my trip down the 7th line. Beautiful!

  6. Same here: all the small village shops are closing as supermarkets attract a larger proportion of sales, which is too bad for those who don't drive. I'm lucky in that the shop near to me is one of the few that's stayed open, though it's had to become a mini-supermarket/convenience store in order to survive.

  7. Love those barn quilts, keep seeing more and more all the time now.

  8. Love thise country roads through the heart of Canada.

  9. Hello, lovely tour and photos. Looks like a very peaceful place to live. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  10. You have a lovely drive from old home to new. Lots of interesting things to spot along the way. Love the old schoolhouse and log cabin. The dark canopy of trees over the dirt road looks like something from by-gone days. I find it sad when general stores in a small village disappear too. The big box stores really steal away the individual charm of a privately owned businesses.

  11. i love those old time general stores, most of ours are gone too....replaced with big, box stores!!

    beautiful barn quilt!!!

  12. We were just up in the Killarney area. Saw small flocks of geese all over the place.

  13. Our Geese have been taking to the sky's in the early mornings and evenings now , They temps down this way have had a nip in them as well and things are feeling like fall already which is way to early yet . I wish there were more old general stores about I do like going in the ones we have in this area but I agree with others the big box stores take away that community farm town feeling . I love going for drives on our country roads . I have my eye on a home made quilt for our bed from one of our quilters in the area nothing like these wonderful quilts on a chilly night to snuggle under . Thanks for sharing another lovely post and photos , Have a good weekend !

  14. Beautiful views. The cows peeking out of that structure were unexpected!

  15. most of ours are gone too....replaced with big, box stores!!

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