Sunday, August 20, 2017

Meaford Harbour

It was time to do some touring around the valley and beyond.  Mrs. F.G.'s brother had come to visit for a few days, and we wanted to show him around.  So we headed up to Georgian Bay.

We stopped right in the Meaford Harbour, and found it was a beautiful day on the bay with a nice breeze for sailing.

The harbour was jammed with yachts and sailboats.

 Parts of it a forest of masts.

All of these are floating docks because of the winter ice, and I suddenly noticed that the ramps that link the pier to the docks were flat!  In past years these have dropped quite sharply downwards - the water level is up about 3 feet.

We were just in time to see a class of learning young sailors come round the end of the breakwater.  Week long sailing camps are offered by the local sailing club.

Then the leaders came charging around the point in the white dingy corralling the sailboats over to one side, while a large boat sailed by out of the harbour.

Out in the bay the boats were coming and going, and two small sailboats were still out there in the advanced class.

I always like to check the Coast Guard Station.  That day the Cape Providence was in harbour.  It's the boat that patrols much of Georgian Bay.  Then we moved on to visit Thornbury.


  1. What a wonderful day to visit the bay, and all the sailboat are so nice to see. i have noticed that the lake level is much higher here as well on Lake Huron. Looking forward to more shots ofThornbury.

  2. Hello, love the views of the water and boats. Pretty photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  3. Such a lovely place to learn to sail. You remind me that I should take the time to photograph our bay, filled with boats just like yours. :-)

  4. Lucky kids! Not your average summer activity!

  5. beautiful, i love those jetty rocks!!!

  6. Seeing all those boats is just so summery! We have a sailing club for kids here in Whitby too, and it's fun to watch them out there. I never thought to listen to harbour news as we sometimes get some large boats stopping in without any notice. You had a beautiful day to be tour guides.

  7. Your pictures of the day are beautiful.