Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Seen Around the Valley

I accumulate a number of interesting pictures as I drive around the valley from place to place.  Here are a few I've shot recently.

Close-up of a big leaf out in a shaded corner of our meadow.

A very bright green patch of moss just outside the front door.

Wild Cucumber in bloom at Walters Falls.

A small original log house on a farm I visited.

An old gas pump in front of a friend's garage.   My great-aunt pumped gas from a pump like this.

The Blackbird Pie Company in Heathcote down in the valley.  A great place to buy both fruit and pot pies.

A warning sign for Poison Ivy (those three leaves at the base of the stake), outside the Nancy Historic Site.

And a few great muffins that Mrs. F.G. whipped up.  You can see how good they were by how many are already missing!


  1. I suppose you ate all 4! LOL I enjoyed the selection of photos today...not sure which is my favorite. I really love that first...I had never thought of taking a photo quite like that. I have taken photos of back-lit leaves but never a close-up.

  2. I've heard of White Rose, but I think this is the first picture of a White Rose pump that I've seen. The muffins look delicious. You got a great macro of the leaf at the top of this post.

  3. Very interesting old gas pump! Nice group of photos and those muffins look yummy! :)

  4. I know that it takes four-and-twenty blackbirds to make a pie but how much pot do they put in one?

  5. Hello, lovely series. I love the moss, log house and the sign with the bird. The muffin looks delicious, YUM! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  6. Love all your photos as usual, I remember the old White Rose pumps from days long ago.
    The muffins look yummy.

  7. Nice closeup of that leaf, and how I would love to visit that pie shop. Yum on those muffins, they look delicious. :-)

  8. Your pictures are always nice to see. it is obvious that you enjoy photography. Yum on those muffins, Mrs. FG! I think it is time to bake something again. :)

  9. The muffins look delicious. You got a great macro of the leaf at the top of this post.

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  10. First off---the previous post of your garden and yard is wonderful and beautiful.
    I lobe that you like to just take random pictures of things that just catch your eye. I do that too but wouldn't think anyone else would be interested----but you do and we are interested. You give me confidence

  11. Cool close up of that leaf.
    Like the old gas pump and imagine living in that little cabin!
    Those muffins looks yummy.

  12. The old log building is quite a sight to see.

  13. Very nice variety of subjects. By now there's probably not a muffin left.

  14. You got a great macro of the leaf at the top of this post.

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