Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Crops Update #4 - Other Grains

While the winter wheat has been mostly harvested now, other grain crops planted this spring continue to mature, some of them starting to turn golden brown like the winter wheat did 6 weeks ago.  Our rain has helped the growth, but I'm not sure we've had the heat to bring on a high yield of grain.  Here they are in early August.

The corn crop is looking really good, towering over your head, and starting to tassel.  You can see the early stages of the developing corncobs too.  Each of those thin strings leads to a single kernel of corn.

This field that I couldn't identify early in the season, turned out to be barley, with it's very long 'awns' distinguishing it from wheat.  This field is starting to turn golden.

This field is mixed grain, both barley and oats, and starting to mature too, but still showing a lot of green.

And this is the field of spring wheat I found, also starting to turn golden.

The beans are looking a rich green, and have started to form beans,  The little tiny seeds inside those beans will be the final harvest.

And finally the canola fields have lost their yellow blooms, and started to form seed pods as well.  The product here is the oil made from the tiny seeds in these pods.

And now you're up to date, except for one more post on 'Hay Bales - when is a Hay Bale not a Hay Bale?'  I'm working on getting photos to illustrate that one.


  1. Hello, beautiful series of crop photos. Our corn is really tall right now. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Well I have learned a bunch. Thanks.

  3. I didn't know that about tassels and corn! The pictures are very informative. Now I know barley from wheat, too. Thanks! :-)

  4. the pictures are great and the fields are beautiful. I'd much rather see an olive tree for olive oil than canola. :)

  5. The heat has helped things along considerably.

  6. I do enjoy your crop update pictures.

  7. Excellent images of the different grains and such.
    I finally am on line again---new computer

  8. Every year I think about selecting just one field of something and trying to photograph its progress, but I never do follow through. Maybe seeing you do this will give me the inspiration.