Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Reflections

Driving home a week or so ago from I don't remember where, I stopped at the Epping Road bridge over the Beaver River, to see how high the water was.  It has subsided quite a bit since the earlier flood levels, but it was still, with great reflections of trees in the swamp.

Looking upstream - this is a popular canoe route, and we may get organized to paddle it later on.  Right now the bugs would probably be bad.

Looking downstream - this section is easier paddling, and takes you right to the village of Heathcote, where there's a great bakery!  Nice spot to end the paddle, or take a break.

Even a couple of weeks ago you could easily paddle in among all these trees.  The water is down to an early summer level, where it's still very wet, but there are a lot of green hummocks of grass showing.

The swamp in the bottom of the Beaver Valley extends for several miles, and the Beaver River follows a nice meandering course through it.

And it was only yesterday or the day before when I stopped to photograph this still flooded field.  It won't be growing hay for awhile yet!

But I actually thought the reflection of the fence was more interesting than the field behind it!

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  1. Love this reflective post. With the water and sky...beautiful! Great job as usual.

  2. Beautiful! How often do you see water that is absolutely still like that with a clear blue sky as well?

  3. Still water reflections are a photographer's dream come true. Have you written about Owen Sound? I have found a recipe for rolled oats and date cookies on a site, where the lady stayed with her friend there. I'll let you know how they turn out, if they stay whole long enough to get some photos.

  4. I like reflections, too, and that last picture is worthy of framing. It will indeed be awhile before that field is ready to plant :-)

  5. Beautiful shots- the flooded field especially.

  6. Hello, pretty scenery and reflections. Great captures. Happy weekend to you!

  7. You had a perfect day to get such great reflections.
    They are all stunning. Great timing to catch them looking like that. I like the reflections in the more jungle like area. Swamp looking I guess.

  8. Beautiful photos and reflections!

  9. Well ... as others have commented before me!
    Beautiful reflections, and the colours are so good to.

    All the best Jan

  10. Gorgeous reflections! The water is almost like a mirror.