Saturday, May 14, 2016

It Snowed!

It was a cold and rainy day today, but it was rapidly turning the countryside even greener so I thought I'd be an optimist.  I decided to drive to Owen Sound to look for a camera I'm after and see if I could get some pictures of the (wet) green landscape along the way.  By the time I got there it was snowing!  Heavy wet flakes of rain/snow splattering the windshield!  And it's supposed to stay even colder tomorrow, hovering just above freezing.  It's raining or sleeting or snowing in all these pictures.

This is one of my favourite farm views, over rolling sheep pasture on a farm just south of Walter's Falls.

And a close look shows you that the fence across the field in the distance is an interesting stone fence.

This is another favourite view, a farm used as a community pasture, the barn still maintained.

I'm really tempted to drive in and have a look around at some of these places, or perhaps talk to the farmer and learn a little more.

Not all fields are green, because farmers have been busy planting.  I think this field is already planted, and just about to turn green; I've always liked the view across here with the two barns, but just never stopped to get a picture before.

This field looks like corn stubble that's been chisel plowed and disked to provide a seed bed for this year.  I wonder if the seed is already in the ground?
And this is likely a crop of spring wheat, or barley just starting to come up.  I like this view with the barn half-hidden behind the hill.

Can you see the sleet/snow slanting down in front of the dark barn?

Here's the snow, in front of a line of cedars where it would show up.  Of course it wasn't much snow, and immediately melted on the ground, but it was still snow!


We're in the market for a pocket-size point-and-shoot camera as a backup for our travels, so I stopped in two camera stores to see if I could find one.  Do you know that they no longer make small point-and-shoot cameras with a viewfinder?!?!  This means that you're left to use the digital screen on the back of the camera to compose your picture in, and focus the camera with.  On bright sunny days, for someone who shoots all their pictures outdoors, this is impossible!

Neither store had anything that would suit without buying a bigger camera.  Both clerks agreed with me, one saying the manufacturers should smarten up, and the other saying it's because they want you to buy one of the bigger cameras.  As for me I'm still looking.  A friend has one that I think may do, a Panasonic model, but neither of these stores carry that brand.  It means another stop on one of our long drives south - I'm reluctant to buy one on-line.  Suggestions welcome!


  1. Beautiful scenes of the farms and fields. Sorry for the nasty cold and wet snow. Our grandsons were playing in a few centimetres of snow on Thursday in Calgary after temperatures in the high 20's the week before. I didn't know that about the small point and shoot cameras. Rather disappointing. I hope you find what you need.

  2. i bought a sun shade on-line. It works perfectly. You can see it in the link below.

  3. And here you are in spring and having snow? Have you looked into the Canon SX models? A friend has one and like sit so much, a super zoom, so easy to take out and about, and I agree, a view finder rather than just a screen is so necessary.

  4. Beautiful barns - great settings. I can clearly see the snow brrrr.rr.r.r.rrrr

    I have this camera in pink - I've had it forever and it works amazingly well - does macro great - and has a fairly good zoom. It has a viewfinder and a screen - so you have both options. Buying from Amazon is a no brainer - they have an excellent returns program.

    I've had gifts of two other small cameras from my family but I always come back to this one - it is reliable and the batteries last a long time between charging. It is the best camera I've ever had - if it ever wears out I'll buy another. It is a great addition to my bigger camera for when I want a quick shot - especially of flowers - or a drive by shot. And it has the most amazing color resolution on sunsets - much better than my more expensive Nikon - which I love too.

  5. One of the main things I looked for in a point and shoot was a viewfinder. I settled on the Canon SX50, since replaced by the SX60, but after using the foldout and tilting screen, never use the viewfinder. I find it works fine in bright sunshine by using it as a waist level finder just like the old time cameras. It is excellent for getting low macro shots as you don't have to lay down on the ground.

  6. I know it snowed here too! It melted as it hit the ground. Summer hasn't got the spring memo yet!
    I like a camera with a view finder too I like Canon Cameras I looked at one SX60 HS that is a Powershot with a view finder. Then I checked out Best Buy and looked at a Sony DCS HX 400 that looked really good. I have a point and shoot that just has the LCD screen and I hate it, but it fits in my pocket. I think if you order from a trusted source online is OK.

  7. Mother Nature is playing tricks with the "Seasons in the Valley".
    Today it is friggin' cold here in the GTA.

  8. I have a Panasonic Lumix and love it, waterproof to 15 feet, dust proof and drop proof to 6 feet, a very rigged camera. No view finder though. I liked it so much bought a second one when the first one needed a repair. It is always in my pocket.

  9. A camera without a viewfinder is like a bicycle without pedals.

  10. Hello, pretty scenes and barns. We are expecting a chilly night tonight 39°. What happened to spring? I use the Canon SX40 and love it. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  11. Love the bright green countryside. Hard to believe you got snow in May, but I know it does happen. I have an older Canon S95 that I use for skiing pics. It's a great little camera, but it doesn't have a viewfinder. And yes, not having a viewfinder drives me bonkers too....

  12. I can remember back in Vermont in the '70s, we once got a foot of snow in May.

  13. Yes, the weather is ridiculous!
    Even in the UK after afew warmer days the wind has turned and many areas are having an 'arctic blast'
    Time to enjoy some soup on the menu. LOL

    This is tasty

    All the best Jan

  14. Pretty colours! We've got the cooler temperatures today- I went right back in when I was leaving and retrieved my leather jacket, and was glad to do so.

  15. A for that pocket camera, may I suggest purchasing a used model (whichever you prefer) on Ebay. The cameras in all my homebrewed camera traps are used pocket cameras I've purchased on-line.

  16. Winter must be throwing out a last minute blast for you there, I wonder what is being planted in the fields?

  17. the wheat will probably be ok at least we hope for the farmer.

  18. I reluctantly gave up having a viewfinder, since they make so few of them nowadays. But then I got used to taking pictures with my iPhone and my camera sits neglected on a shelf. Let me know what you decide. I have always preferred Canon. :-)