Monday, May 9, 2016

Trees are Turning Green!

It's happened, the first flush of green over a few trees here in the valley.  I think these may actually be the Sugar Maple flowers rather than the leaves, but they're fast turning trees green, which is what counts!

This Sugar Maple, high on a slope overlooking the lower valley, frames Blue Mountain in the distance, one of my favourite views.

These Black Willows were right down in the bottom of the valley, near the Beaver River.

And as I drove home past the Beaver Valley Ski Club, the west slope of Kimberley Forest was dotted with trees rapidly turning green.  It will be a different world in a week.


It's a busy time of year!!  We were 'down south' for our daughter and her husband's 10th Anniversary this weekend, and in two weeks we'll be much further north to celebrate with our son and his wife, who has taken on a dramatic mid-career change and is graduating as a Veterinary Technician!  Around here I'm busy with the garden, trying to hike as much as I can, and get out and do photography.  And it's the best time of year to do stewardship and trail development projects along the Bruce Trail - no bugs in the woods yet and still cool.

So we're out there planning some safety fencing and interpretive signage at Webwood Falls, putting up some fencing on another property, and starting to build steps up a long slope for a new side trail.  Later, there will be the boardwalk to repair at the wetlands, where the beaver flooded the area and left the boardwalk floating!  Sometimes I think retirees volunteering to help in all kinds of ways are the backbone of many services in these local communities.

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  1. Isn't it so nice to see the leaves appear ...
    Hope everyone enjoyed your daughter's Anniversary weekend, and so nice to be looking forward to a trip further North, for celebrations with your son.

    Have a great week

    All the best Jan

  2. How true about retirees! We are the life-blood of communities these days since working families are so busy.

  3. Lovely photos , some trees here are green whilst others are still budding . This is a busy time of year for lots of us gardeners and I am loving it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I think that is great when people like yourself get out there & volunteer to do all those work projects things. Good for you folks in doing that.

  5. Love those patches of green on the hill, down here, brown, golden, red and orange as autumn tells the trees it's time to let those ones fall.

  6. It's always good to see the trees leafing out after a long winter!

  7. Hello, I was happy to see the trees turn green. Happy Anniversary to you daughter and hubby! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  8. How wonderful! Finally seeing green in your trees! I'm glad you're getting out and about during these wonderful weeks of weather. Love your blue skies. :-)

  9. Loving the green beginning again at this time of year.
    Thinks it's great that you are volunteering getting things set up and safer for everyone. Enjoy the warmer weather and great outdoors.

  10. Very pretty! The same is underway here, with some trees starting to show leaves sooner than others.

  11. it is quite wonderful as the leaves come on the trees
    mine are so green now, love it

    it is a busy time of year for me too
    so much to do, chores outdoors
    and also exploring wilderness that was snowed in before

    wishing you a wonderful time with your family

  12. I love maple flowers. I can never really decide if they are green or yellow, and it is amazing to me that most people don't even notice they are flowers at all. I suppose they expect a flower to be pink or red.

  13. "Sometimes I think retirees volunteering to help in all kinds of ways are the backbone of many services in these local communities." -- How right you are! I'm not sure if it's the demands of family and work or not, but young folks just don't seem to volunteer.

    Down here closer to the equator it's green in the woods and the biting insects are out and feeding -- coming your way.

  14. Our DIL's father does a lot of work rebuilding prairie lands in our area. He was telling how expensive those signs can be. Glad you are beginning to greenup in your area.