Monday, May 23, 2016

The May Woods

A week ago now, I broke away from garden work and went for a walk on the trail, heading east from Blantyre, where I knew there was a small waterfall, and some nice deciduous woods.  I haven't been on this section of trail for several years.

It was one of those beautiful May days, the leaves well on their way to being out, and a glow of green throughout the woods.  A pleasant easy walk too.

In the first section of this trail there are some really big old trees which I enjoy.

I like the bright green of the Sugar Maple leaves against the blue sky.

I didn't see a lot of wildflowers, but I did spot these two colours of violets.

I had completely forgotten about the first stream that you come to, just a short distance down the trail.  And there's a nice new bridge over it too.

Both of the streams in here are small little streams; they emerge from springs just a short distance upstream.  We'll see the second stream tomorrow.

It's a nice little stream, and it does tumble down over the edge of the slope creating a small waterfall.  I tried some of those 'slow' water shots, but the harsh sunlight through the trees made the lighting difficult.  I must remember that often the best shots for places like this should be taken under cloudy skies.

Two more posts to come from this walk, but I'll leave you with these growing and glowing beech leaves lit by the sun.


We're entering the busiest six weeks of the year for us in 2016.  We have a garden that needs more work than I can give it, and the weeds grow fastest during the month of June.  I'm already falling behind with what should be done there.  We've got a bit of travelling, visiting, and visitors, as well as an out-of-town wedding.  There are projects on the trail and on Bruce Trail properties that I'd like to get at.  To say nothing of maybe the occasional hike, paddle, or a bit of photography.

The result will probably be a lot fewer blog posts for 6 weeks or so.  But I'll be accumulating adventures to share later along with everything else!  Take care.

And a special thanks for all the kind comments on yesterday's post about William.  We are indeed very proud of him, what he accomplished in his 38 years, and the work he did.

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  1. Love that new green. Such a tranquil place! Have a great six weeks.

  2. Another waterfall, even if it's a little one, to tide me over until you get back on track with your posts. I always enjoy them but I know full well that they do get a bit cumbersome now and then. Writing them, I mean, not reading them! :-)

  3. That small waterfall was exactly the look I wanted in my back yard. More fun photos. Enjoy the weeding and wedding. My, those two words are close to the same : )

  4. It's my kind of weather for a wonderful walk. Beautiful scenery.

  5. so beautiful!! isn't it amazing how wildflowers prosper on their own, with no help from us!! that's a pretty shade of purple, it may have been my favorite!!!!

  6. Wildflowers, milky water just right in my eyes, yesterday's comments, showing care. love and thoughtful wishes from near and far, and leaves in spring green.I agree that your spring and ours are the garden's most demanding for work. But reap the benefits when winter and preserves and frozen veges are on hand, and summer shrubs and flowers give glorious colours and greenery.

  7. Spring is such a glorious time of year! And yes, next time you photograph the waterfall, pick a dark, cloudy day. :)

  8. Lovely place to walk and explore. Fresh maple leaves against a blue spring sky always make me smile.

  9. Hello, what a lovely place. The wildflowers are beautiful. The waterfall is awesome, a nice walk and trail. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  10. You are blest to live in such a beautiful area and to love it. Nice that the bridge stays across that creek and does not wash away.

  11. The little stream is a splendid sight.

  12. When we miss you we will either thing that you went into the woods, or you are stuck in the garden. Beautiful trail visit.

  13. Pretty green violet. Or is it yellow? I never saw one that colour before.

  14. My favourite image is the fourth one up from the bottom ...
    What a lovely place to take time out and enjoy a walk in the May sunshine.

    Take care over the next few weeks - our lives do seem to take on extra busy patches don't they. Just enjoy these next few weeks.

    All the best Jan