Monday, May 16, 2016

The Woods in May

Ignoring yesterday's snow, I have been out in the beautiful May woods recently, where the leaves are unfolding fast now, in spite of the colder than normal temperatures, and later timetable this year.

These shots are taken in the woods on the farm next door.  There's an old tractor trail which makes for an easy path, although hardly anyone but myself uses it.  The whole woods is turning green now.

Beside my favourite big old moss-covered log, I always look for Trilliums, and they were there again, but not fully open.  These photos were taken before the snowfall and 2 or 3  cold nights we've had.

I did see a nice patch of White Trilliums nearby though.

Along the trail for a stretch there are lots of ferns.  I think this is a Sensitive Fern unfolding.

 And this one is a Lady Fern.

The leaves of the Alternate-leaved Dogwood are among the first to come out along the trail.

And now all the Sugar Maple leaves are unfolding.  I like how the new leaves show up when backlit by the sun.

Yesterday I went for a walk in Kimberley forest, some of which is a Sugar Maple bush on the long slope of the Niagara Escarpment.

It was looking pretty green, and carpeted with a billion or two tiny maple seedlings.

And in a few places, the leaves of American Beech saplings were bright green in the afternoon sun.

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  1. Beautiful light and colour in these shots... the woods look so fresh and green.

  2. Love this time of year. In Ontario , great pics too.

  3. HI Furry!
    Nothing like a beautiful walk in the Woods...
    Any time of year...
    You are very lucky...indeed
    Linda :o)

  4. I like your photos of the backlit leaves!

  5. That new green this time of year is spectacular. I love it and the photos you took of it.

  6. We had snow too and our woods look the same. Wonderful closeup pictures of the plants. Love the fern.

  7. Beautiful scenery. I always get excited when I see trilliums!

  8. Wonderful pictures. I never see whole fields of trillium like that here, so it was amazing. And so pretty with all the gentle green sprouting up everywhere. :-)

  9. Fantastic light in your photo's, love the way it works.

    You can't beat trees!

    All the best Jan

  10. Hello, lovely walk in the forest. I love the moss covered log and the ferns are so pretty. Lovlely lighting. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  11. what a great place to walk, the ferns are especially beautiful!!!

  12. I love the pretty shades of green in the springtime.

  13. Love the lush shades of green ... beautifully captured.

  14. What a great series of spring forest shots FG. I'm sure your spirit was renewed.

  15. It seems you live on the safe coast of Canada. I grieve for the people and the woods where the fires are.
    How I would love to come upon a patch of trilliums once more.
    Unlikely now - but we have bluebells.