Friday, January 8, 2016

More Frosty Trees

Just a few more pix of frosty trees from Tuesday morning for you today.

Let's start with that big beautiful elm that somehow stays alive, that we can see out our back windows, across the road from our place.

When I drove around on the road and got closer to eliminate the hydro lines, it was looking stunning against the sky.

And right here in our own loop, these are two of my favourite maples; they look great in early October colours, but today the frost just caught the top branches.

Likewise these two much bigger old maples around the corner on a neighbour's front lawn.  These look like random trees on a lawn, but if you check out the air photo, you'll find that they're old trees that once stood in the fencerow that used to mark the boundary between two farms.

I turned around from that picture and got a very different view of the frost, with a tree large enough to hide the camera lens behind.

Hoarfrost brings such beautiy, even though it's such an ephemeral thing.  Two hours later it was gone.

I'll leave you with one more frosty treetop.  Don't expect photos like this very often during the winter!  Blue skies are uncommon, and hoarfrost like this only happens once or twice a year.


The temperature has risen today, creeping above freezing, leaving the roads very sloppy.  I'd far rather have it below freezing; loose slush on the roads is a lot less safe for driving than simply snow on the roads.  Tonight we may get freezing rain, and simple rain tomorrow - but next week it's supposed to get colder and snow some more.  Perhaps finally the cross-country skiing will get started.  Didn't go far today; been too busy the rest of the week!


  1. Lovely photos . At least you have had this to take photos of we have had nothing here for me take photos like that of lol ! It is cold and raining out here now the kind of damp cold that goes right to the bone Brr! at least with snow the air is dryer . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  2. Gorgeous images. Frozen snow can create beauty in trees.

  3. These are spectacular! I especially love the first shot. I got some of Hoarfrost in front of city hall a few weeks ago that I hope to post one of these days. Today was super mild here with a warm sun. Maybe that will be our last opportunity for frosty shots. All the more reason to enjoy yours :)

  4. The light sparkling on and through the ice is so beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful day for photography. Lucky you. The Chef is in Switzerland for the ski season and has had lovely snow for his (downhill) skiing this week, but heavily overcast so no photos.
    And in London? It's been wet and windy. But we had the first proper frost of the year on Thursday night. Not much by your standards but a step in the right direction. So far this winter has been absurdly warm and all the spring flowers are coming out. And the foxes are mating. Very noisy!

  6. Love this time of year, more so when I am not experiencing it first hand. ;-)

  7. Oh so lovely, that sparkling white against that sapphire sky! Thank you for these beautiful photos that remind us of the distinctive glories of winter.

  8. I really like your backlit tree photos!

  9. The trees really do shimmer like that!

  10. They are all super pictures... but number is my favourite.

  11. HI Furry...
    No such beautiful photo ops down here!
    Raining today....more tomorrow....
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)