Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Georgian Bay Waves

These pictures should be entitled 'a look beyond what you actually see!'  I took those pictures of the waves rollling in off Georgian Bay from yesterday, which were all taken on the wrong setting, and started playing with my editing program to see what I could do.  What you get is not exactly what I saw yesterday (too dark and too blue), but they still look like great images of Georgian Bay waves!

There's a nice stretch of public shoreline including the harbour and extending west along the bay for a short distance that's my most popular spot for getting pictures of the bay.  I don't think I've ever actually seen it this rough, but then I haven't been there during a storm.

These two pictures are taken looking east, back toward the harbour; you can see the light on the breakwater in the left background.

The harbour is where the Bighead River flows into the bay, so there's usually a bit of a colour difference, from the sediment in the river (sometimes a dramatic difference).  Here we're in a shallow bay; you can see the deeper blue water of Georgian Bay further out.

I'm sure I could take pictures of rolling waves forever, but no matter how well you do, it doesn't capture the dynamic noisy show continuously unfolding before you as the waves roll in endlessly.

About 100 yards west, beyond a short peninsula in the park, you can see all the way to the west side of the bay in front of the town.  There are private homes all along this part of the shore, so this is your only chance for a view, and today there were lots of waves - or should I say 'whitecaps'.

Looking straight out into the bay it was quite hazy in the distance.   I wouldn't want to be out in a boat in that!

After I got the  photos on the computer I was astonished to see this duck floating in between the waves, a Common Goldeneye I think.

And the entire bouldery shoreline here is starting to ice up from the splashes.  Since yesterday the wind has changed entirely, and the waves are gone.  Tomorrow I'll show you what the bay was like today.


Woke to a beautiful sunny winter day, though still snappy cold at -20°C.  Lots of frost, so I was out early with my camera trying to capture the beauty - I'll save those pictures for Thursday's post..  Headed to Thornbury to try out my laptop in the library where I'll be giving the Life Long Learning Series starting next week.  Later got in my first snowshoe through the woods in the afternoon.  Even though you don't really need snowshoes for this depth of snow, they are more stable than trying to just walk in boots.  Once we have 3-4" of snow, you can no longer see the unevenness of the trail, so snowshoes help even out the walking.  Got in an hour and ten minutes today, more than half of it on snowshoes.

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  1. The white caps do look quite dramatic!

  2. I think of walking in snowshoes as being 1 and a half times harder than walking on flat ground. So I'd take an hour on showshoes and turn it into an hour and a half, at least! Good job! :-)

    1. I agree. I'll gladly take credit for an extra half hour. If you're breaking trail in deep snow i'd rate it even higher.

  3. This never happens to me as I never change my settings. I use my Nikon like a point and shoot, I never got into the settings!! With that said, I think the images are beautiful!! I love the ice on the rocks!!

  4. Tooooooo cold for me but it's beautiful.

  5. When it's stormy I like to go to the Oregon coast and watch the big waves. So fun to see the huge splashes.

  6. Love every photo, the shoes, the icy covered rocks, and waves galore. What a wonderful world we live in, even if down here where we are that snowy winter wonderland doesn't happen.

  7. You photos brought back memories of my winter visits to Georgian Bay. The best way to recover a bad photo is to shoot in RAW format. It works for me.

  8. Great photos of the waves, but I like the trail through the snow the best
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Wonderful photos ! I have done that before take photos set on the wrong setting thank god for Lightroom and for photographing in RAW format which I do all the time ! Your area is colder then we are down here we are only down to -4C feeling like -8C ans still no snow . That's great you get out on snow shoes I haven't done that in years as we never have that much snow here . I take it your computer glitches are all sorted out now always good when technology finally gets worked out lol Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  10. Love the Georgian Bay brings back childhood memories of our 10 years at the Cottage summer and winter just east of Collingwood.

  11. Beautiful but looks very cold!!
    Ken got me a pair of snow shoes at one of the auctions he went to but we haven't had enough snow yet this year to use them.

  12. What's your topic for life long learning?

  13. I always enjoy photos of the ocean, no matter what ocean or time of day. I certainly can appreciate your dilemma with the camera settings but sometimes, you can fix it quite well.

  14. Interesting wave series and the observations 'beyond'.

  15. An extraordinary series of views of waves and ice. Most appealing.