Monday, March 17, 2014

Hogg's Falls

Having shown you some ice formations along the river above Hogg's Falls, here is the falls itself, taken just last week.  Still lots of snow here!

Hogg's Falls is named after William Hogg, who developed a small hydro operation here decades ago.

This is the valley upstream of the falls; you can just see a dark remnant of the old dam on the left.

In the summer you can climb down to the stream below the falls for pictures (if you're a little adventurous), and I crept down as far as I dared for this picture.  But I was alone, and decided that staying safe was more important, so this is a close as I could get.

I was intrigued looking down from above to see a complete snow/ice bridge across the river, built up from spray from the falls.  Sometime soon this will likely collapse in on itself.

A close-up of the snow bridge.
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  1. Beautiful!

    Yes, that snow bridge is on borrowed time now.

  2. Love those icy stalactites. in the first shot, that frozen part looks like a coat of furs of the old trappers.
    Isn't nature wonderful.

  3. Very beautiful photos. I like the closeup of the ice bridge.

  4. Oh My Gosh... This is fantastic... Don't know if you have looked at my last two blog posts yet --but we were in Ohio last week where we also saw lots of ice.... BUT--they didn't have the snow there ---just TONS of ice/icicles/icy waterfalls, etc....

    Would love to see Hogg's Falls sometime.. It is AWESOME....Hubby and I LOVE waterfalls --and have seen over 600 I think in about 13 years....


  5. Falls can build all kinds of fancy designs.

  6. Wow! Those are gorgeous images! Glad you were prudent and safe.

  7. These are all terrific, but that first one takes the prize!

  8. That snow/ice bridge is wonderful - not the kind of thing I see here in winter!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Those shots have some kind of Gothic fairy-tale look. Always enjoy seeing waterfalls in winter, or even early spring!

  10. I love the shapes snow and ice make when forming and melting. Even though they are dirty and nasty now, I love the formations in the snowbanks.

  11. That spray bridge is incredible. WOW.

  12. These are beautiful shots of the falls and ice formation.