Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weaver Creek Falls

We left the pebble beach of Big Bay on Georgian Bay and headed around the shoreline to Owen Sound.  Since we'd planned to be all day on a hike, we had lots of time so we stopped in Harrison Park, one of my favourite spots there.  I had heard you could see salmon and trout headed upstream to spawn - but that's tomorrow's story.  First, I walked the short trail to Weaver Creek Falls, which I had never seen before.

Weaver Creek Falls is a small waterfall inside Owen Sound, and on private land.  But the trail from the park gets you close enough to get a good view of it and it turns out to be a short walk, a good portion of it on an easy boardwalk.


First I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw numerous interesting fossils on the pebble beach - though all were washed and rounded by the waves and ice.  I certainly can't tell you what these ones are, but they added a lot of interest to the rocks we picked up - I just hesitate to skip a flat stone with a nice fossil in it back into deeper water!.

In Harrison Park we parked beside the summer swimming pool, fed by this little stream and I headed up the boardwalk into the small ravine, beneath the dark green hemlock trees.  Lots of fallen leaves here; this was two weeks ago.

The stream itself was running very high and wide, overflowing its normal small channel.  You can see more boardwalk in the distance, a short easy family-friendly trail.

By the time I went around two bends in the valley I could see the falls in the distance.  The combination of a few yellow leaves left on trees with the dark green hemlock was picture-perfect to me.

The trail was right beside the stream, so you could get good pictures of the water tumbling down over rocky ledges and fallen logs.

In some ways, although it's not close up, I think this picture is the best - not just the waterfalls, but the falls in the context of the little ravine through which the stream flows.

This was as close as I got, but I look forward to going back in different seasons to do more exploring.  Our county actually has an advertised waterfall tour featuring 8 waterfalls; this one was number 7 checked off the list.
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  1. OH My---Hope you go on the waterfall tour. I would love that. Weaver Creek Falls is gorgeous --and you captured it well...

    Love the fossils also.

    Great post.

  2. I did not know about this particular falls. I will look for it next spring. The Owen Sound area is lucky to have so many falls. My favorite is Indian River Falls. When you see the river from the top, it looks so very peaceful and without warning it suddenly falls off the escarpment.
    As usual, your photos are beautiful!

  3. The Owen Sound area looks to be a very pretty place to visit. Nice photos!

  4. What a pretty place! Thanks for the tour.

  5. Such a pretty place for walking and listening to the sound of the water makes it even better.

  6. Beautiful! What a lovely place for a walk.

  7. What a fun place! Fish and fossils. A hard combination to beat.