Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Late Fall Patterns

In my wanderings round the valley over the past few weeks with my camera, I've noticed a number of interesting patterns, so I've put some of these together to illustrate the late fall season from a somewhat different perspective.  Tonight it's snowing heavily, so perhaps I'll have some early winter shots in a few days, but these were taken over the past six weeks.

Maple leaves, mid October

Pebble beach, late October

Barberry shrub, late October

Larch needles, early November

 Light snowfall on pine needles, mid-November

Maple leaves in the rain, mid-November

Ice in the puddles, mid November

Ice in the puddles #2, mid November


  1. Beautiful and interesting patterns in nature. It's interesting to see all the changes over the weeks. No snow here. Only rain, rain and more rain.

  2. Lovely colors and patterns! Cool images! Have a happy day!

  3. NICE collection of textures and patterns!! My favorite is of the ice puddles. I've just taken a few of those myself.

  4. For me, winter is a time to suddenly notice all the patterns and textures in the outdoors. Nature gets stripped down to the barest of composition elements.
    Those ice-patterns are particularly nice, remind me of weather isobars

  5. I really like this collection of photos. Especially those brilliant leaves! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing all your natural photos of texture. The colors are great too.

  7. I LOVE those kinds of pictures. Putting them in a collection like that gives them extra meaning. Maybe I'll have to do that now.

  8. Beautiful patterns.