Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Sidewalk Goes Nowhere!!

You may remember I posted the picture at the end of this post, of the new wheelchair accessible sidewalk that was added to the new bridge downtown.  I commented at the time that it would open up the entire far side of the harbour for me to explore.  But I'm sad and disappointed to say that this is not actually the case.

Blogger and Microsoft have messed things up again, changing both some of Blogger's format and Microsoft's photo uploading process.  Blogger again loaded up all my photos in reverse order, so what was a ride up from the harbour has become a ride down to the harbour.  And you'll have to wait for the end to learn about the sidewalk to nowhere.


Heading down the hill I saw that three loads of big blue pipes had been dropped off on the south side of Nelson Street in preparation for construction to come.

At the bottom of the hill it explained what was coming, replacement of a water line for those of us who live on top of the hill.

It's my notorious hill I ride up on the worst sidewalk in town.

As I neared downtown (I'm just falsifying all this so it makes sense even though I did it the other way around) I spied a healthy stand of Garlic Mustard, one of our most invasive plants.  With its millions of seeds I'm wondering how far it will spread next year.

Across the street they were tearing down an old garage to create a new town parking lot, just half a block from downtown.  I expect this is in response to the loss of a dozen parking spaces along the main street where they have again blocked off space for five patios this summer.

On the main street I again noted the fascinating brick work of some of the old storefronts.  Just think of the extra work it took a bricklayer to do that patterning work at the top of each window.

This is the other building with rich brickwork, quite amazing when I think of it.

Heading down to the harbour I had to wait for this big sailboat to pass, being brought from its winter storage position to the crane that can lift it back in the water.

I headed over the new sidewalk, and got a great view of the harbour.  I was getting excited about the prospect of exploring the far side.

But as I said it's a highway to nowhere.  I turned down the short bit of red brick walkway that leads from the far side of the bridge down to the waterside.  I'd been along the concrete sidewalk further out that leads to the pier, but not here.  Sadly it was a very rough track of coarse gravel, almost impassible for me and certainly quite painful to ride over.  

There were remnants of an asphalt path in places, badly eroded on one side and too narrow for a wheelchair, making it quite unsafe in places.  I finally gave up, rode back on the grass and across the bridge to get home  My dreams of exploring the far side of the harbour are dashed!


  1. The bricklayers of the past must have been a patient and skilful breed of men as they surely had to consult some kind of plan before laying each brick. I presume that there's some kind of law been passed that new bridges have to be accessible to all but says nothing about the approaches to them. The railway station in my village has a nice ramp on one platform (thanks partly to some campaigning done by the young people I used to care for), but having gone to town you can't come back because there's no ramp on the other platform (yet).

  2. You're right about the brickwork, and I didn't know that Stedmans still existed. I think my wife had a part time job there way back when. I'll have to ask.

  3. So sorry to learn of the sidewalk to nowhere. It seemed like it would be a great asset in your travels. But thank you for sharing that brick work. I love seeing stuff like that. :-)

  4. The bridge looks impressive. Such a disappointment beyond though!

  5. You have to wonder why blogger just can't leave things alone!!
    So nice seeing all the pictures.
    I always upload one picture at a time. It's easier that way for me.

  6. I also upload one photo at a time.

    I would issue a complaint to the town.

  7. A think a letter should be sent to the powers that be.
    i love seeing all of that brickwork. Those were real craftspeople who did that and who probably took great pride in the results.

  8. Ahhhhh, the bygone days of craftmanship.

  9. I think you will just have to dash off a letter to Meaford's Mayor about that sidewalk to nowhere. Blogger can be so frustrating at times. I write my post first then insert the photos one at a time between the paragraphs. Yes, that fine old brickwork of yesteryear is nearly a lost art now it seems.

  10. You have so much going on in your city. I can imagine how much mess the digging for those pipes. I lived in a town where some people just didn't have sidewalks or they stopped at half of the properties length.

  11. How annoying for you! Planners often don’t seem to use joined up thinking. But perhaps they will build a usable path on the other side of the bridge soon.
    There’s a bridge over a six lane road near us that allows pedestrians ( maybe arriving at the tube station) to walk to our big shopping centre. Except it doesn’t. Halfway across the bridge there’s a fence across the pavement. And since it is a very busy bus route and lots of people driving to the shops you really do take your life in your hands if you step into the road to get to the other side of the fence. Basically if you want to walk to the centre you have to approach it from somewhere else or drive/take a bus. It must be infuriating for all the people who live so close.
    I always write my post first and add the photos one at a time afterwards.

  12. Those old masons were proud of their skills and often took every opportunity to demonstrate their artistic abilities.

    Hopefully, in the not too distant future the path on the far side of the bridge will be accessible. If it's a different municipality they may have different priorities -- or none.

  13. What a shame, perhaps the city will replace the broken pavement in their season of construction?

    The only way I can get my photos to load properly is to add them one at a time.

  14. How disappointing that the path goes nowhere! I know you were anxious for new territory to explore.
    I love the brickwork of yore, Paisley offered some cool detail too.

  15. I’d write a letter to the town suggesting they complete their work so the walk goes somewhere. I am sure you’re not the only one thinking that way! You could write an excellent inspiring letter I am sure! Certainly can’t do any harm! Good luck!