Sunday, June 6, 2021

Even More From the Garden

A few more photos from our garden for your viewing pleasure, and to keep you up-to-date.

The second of the Peonies in bloom,, this one a bright red, or maybe it's a very deep pink.  You'll notice that these are a 'single' peony, with one set of simple petals, so bees can access these easily.  You can breed very fancy 'double' peonies, but all you're doing is making it more difficult or impossible for the bees.

The next Peony to bloom is a paler pink or coral, now just unfolding.

Out front Mrs. F.G. has installed a bright coral obelisk as a framework for a new clematis.  

She painted it in 'tricycle red' to match our front door.  We're known as the 'house with the red door'.

This very pale blue Columbine is growing so luxuriantly it's crowded.  I like the view down into one of the blossoms.

This is the newest piece of garden; it was grass until 2 months ago.  Now it's got several plants coming up, and a fresh coat of mulch.

At this stage the planters are mainly veggies, and we're harvesting arugula, radishes, onions and kale for salads.  

The first Marigold has bloomed though, and soon there will be a lot more.  Good place for morning coffee.

Out on the patio we have this pot full of tiny succulents, up on a cart where I can get a close look at them  I always marvel at such tiny flowers.


Yesterday's Moth - as three knowledgeable commenters noted, the small white moth I posted a picture of yesterday is a White Slant-line.  Thanks to Jason, Woody and David for their help. 


  1. I didn't know that difference in peonies, but those pictures sure do show how easy it would be for a bee to visit! And I love all the other pretty flowers, too. :-)

  2. Your new beds are filling in nicely.

  3. Very nice! I appreciate the front bed with the various plantings - the differences in color and height are lovely and the clematis will make a wonderful addition.

  4. With so many exciting new things going on the garden it makes one wonder how we get through those long cold and horribly boring winter months every year.

  5. Your garden is lovely. What a great place to enjoy your morning coffee.

  6. I never thought about the problem bees would have with very double Peonies. Oh well, I grow scores of other flowers for the bees and hummingbirds. I'll enjoy my Peony (for the short time that it lasts).

  7. That frontage looks so beautiful!

  8. That first peonie certainly is colorful -- sort of matches your red door.

  9. The pale blue clematis is impressive.

    I am too lazy to Google and am betting you know this. I have read two posts this morning about ferns flourishing. Are local ferns really ferns or are they bracken or is there no difference? Hey, if you don't know that's fine. lol

  10. You need to be careful, FG. I know there are a couple of bikers who might be able to recognize your place now! Red door, red obilisk..........Hmmm. :)
    Your flowers, or rather, Mrs. F.G.'s flowers are gorgeous!!I'm envious of her green thumb.

  11. Your front yard flower bed is wonderful. I love the red obelisk. Your peonies are doing well as mine now are almost gone. I of course live very far south of you. You have a large variety of flowers in your garden that look so great.

  12. everything looks so pretty!! the front garden is especially beautiful!! i like the obelisk, any plant would look really nice growing up that!!