Monday, January 18, 2021

Wintering Ships

We had heard that a Great Lakes freighter was now wintering in Owen Sound, so after physio last week we drove down to the docks to see it.  We found not only the freighter, but two of them, as well as the Chi-Cheemaun in its usual winter booth.

It was the Algoma Innovator, docked on the far side of the harbour out from the grain elevators, and looking very scraped!

I always wonder what's in the 6 stories of the ship's cabin.  Seems like room for a lot of bunkrooms!

Driving a little further we realized that there was a second freighter docked in the harbour, another typical bulk carrier with a big boom for unloading.

Here it is, docked on the opposite side and down  from the grain elevators.  This ship has earned a reputation as a 'hard luck' ship, with a history of mechanical failures and groundings over its nearly 50 year lifetime.

This is the Algoma Compass, a very long ship, not as scraped up as the Innovator, but a similar self-unloading bulk carrier.

It's hard to get close for those dramatic shots when you're in the car, but I like this shot.

Did you notice the gulls on the ice in the background?

And a final shot of the Chi-Cheemaun in its winter booth before we left the harbour.


  1. It makes me wonder why they winter there. I could see them getting stuck but you would think they would want to be back at there original site. Your photos are all great. The are good at showing how big that they really are. In the summers we can see them come and go at Duluth, Minnesota.

  2. Looks like the Innovator needs some maintenance -- and who'd want to sail on a hard luck ship?

  3. We loved travelling on the Chi-CheeMaun

  4. We always notice the last vessel in port before the freeze up every December. This year, the freeze up was later than usual. No need for the ice breaker out of Halifax this year like there usually is.

  5. Both the Algoma Innovator and the Algoma Compass are regular visitors to the Sifto Salt Mine in Goderich. Every time I see the Chi-Cheemaun now it reminds of the time a few years ago when I drove our big Motorhome on and off it. It was pretty close quarters in there.

  6. I didn't see those gulls before your closeup. What do they do when they cannot get to the water, I wonder? I enjoyed seeing these huge ships and your commentary.

  7. They are amazing! We've been watching Disasters At Sea. What a life.

  8. Nice pictures of the Ships at rest.
    It's amazing how with time you can see the Ribs (Frame Work) of the ship through the Skin.
    The Skin is One Inch thick on the sides, One and A half at the Bow. Cold job repairing them in the winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Impressive ships! You got nice photos of these ships that ply the "inland seas!"

  10. How do you do research on these ships to learn their history? Yours is a land of big ships and those were some exciting photos. Those tall multistoried boats scare me.

  11. They are quite big. The Algoma label is familiar- I've got a mug with that logo.