Thursday, January 14, 2021


Just before we finally found a Snowy Owl, we passed through a corner of Paisley, a nice small town on the Saugeen River.  When we hit the main street this beautiful building was right in front of us.  The old Paisley Inn, this has been vacant for 30 years and is finally scheduled for demolition soon.

In the meantime someone has had the bright idea of putting small gingerbread men all across the fence making it quite eye-catching.  And that's not all, we saw several bigger gingerbread men as we drove north.

People have gone too a lot of effort to make these.  Must be an interesting story behind them.

There was also this beautiful mural on the wall of one store, presumably referring to the fish in the Saugeen River.

That wasn't the only mural referring to the fish in the Saugeen.  This is one of the most striking murals I've seen anywhere!

Paisley sits at the confluence of the Saugeen and Teeswater Rivers.   Indeed, the confluence is right under the downtown bridge!  And Paisley has suffered serious flooding as a result in the not-too-distant past.  

On our way home after seeing our Snowy Owl northeast of town, we stopped to pay homage to Tara's baby Woolly Mammoth erected after a mammoth tooth was found nearby.

We also passed back through Kilsyth.  This is the former general store where my dad grew up, the home attached to the far side of the store.  I remember it when it was still a store.  We arrived home tired but pleased with our Snowy Owl search!

If you're interested in reading more about Paisley you might try Patsy's blog, 'Chillin'withPatsy'.  She and Bill normally live in their big 5th wheel and go south for the winter, but this year are spending the time in Paisley.  She usually posts pictures of her walk around town.  Sorry I can't give you a link; the link function isn't working for me.  You'll have to google it yourself.


  1. You had a successful trip finding art on that trip.

  2. Life was so much simpler and calm back when stores like your dads flourished. Before Walmart turned them into Wooly Mammoths.

  3. Is where you find Patsy posting. I love that fish mural. My pal's husband is hoping to do a bike tour in Ontario next summer, if we are free to roam. He's quite fascinated by community murals so I'll have to bring Paisley to their attention.

  4. It's too bad the old Paisley I couldn't have been repurposed as apartments, it looks like a very interesting building. Many of the old schools here, that are probably about the same age now contain apartments -- better than demolishing them in my opinion.

  5. Too bad the old building is getting torn down.
    Love all the gingerbread men. Wonder what the story is!

  6. I enjoyed seeing all of the gingerbread men :)

    All the best Jan

  7. We passed through both Paisley and Tara last Fall on our way home from the Bruce Peninsula but we must have gone through both places with our eyes closed. No Wooly Mammoths or Gingerbread people did we see:((

  8. Beautiful Pictures as always. It's a shame that the Inn can't be preserved.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. I love seeing public art! That first scene is really brightened up by the gingerbread men.

  10. The gingerbread people are a nice distraction. We need those these days.

  11. I love seeing those gingerbread people. As you said there must be a story behind them. Great murals! :-)

  12. That looks like a really interesting town, I agree that mural is beautiful!

  13. Thank you for the shout out F.G. and thanks Karen for posting my link. :) Your pictures of Paisley are very nice and yes, the murals around town are striking. I walk by that one with the fish a lot.
    The gingerbread men are a seasonal thing and I'm sure will be gone just like the gingerbread shaped lights that were up over Christmas.
    Next time you're going through, let me know and I'll go out to the street to say hello! :)
    The woolly mammoth is something I haven't seen so will need to visit Tara.

  14. wow!!! what a ride!! i wish i had been in the passenger seat to see all of these beautiful sights. it's amazing the things you see, if you drive slow and stay alert. those gingerbread men are amazing and i happen to love murals!!!