Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Laptop Questions

I got a new laptop recently, after some functions on my 15 year-old laptop originally bought for teaching gave up the ghost.  I am slowly trying to get used to its idiosyncracies, with some frustration.

First of all, after bringing it home I spent 4 hours trying to get it to connect and another four hours on the phone waiting to get a Staples technician (who I had paid extra to get access to!).  He concluded that the computer had been set up incorrectly, with no visible wireless adapter (the crucial bit of programming that allows you to connect).  He told me to take it back to the store.

This was both a relief (because I had not just been an idiot trying to get it set up myself), and annoying (for the extra trip).  They had it re-programmed in 15 minutes and I was then able to start the process of downloading software and getting on the internet to access this blog.  

The next problems are the keyboard glitches.  Typing an accent I get è.  Same for quotation marksÈ.  Same for question marks.  And my delete key just types periods.  Do you know how awkward this gets trying to write blog postsÉÉÉ (there, I canèt even ask you a question)!

Any ideasÉÉ (thatès meant as another question)!

The advice I find online is to type Ctrl-Shift.  However this doesnèt work!

I still have to figure out how to use the microphone.  I can dictate in Word, but not in Blogger.  It would be so much faster if I could (with my slow two-fingered typing).  I dictate almost all my emails and texts on my iphone and find it very accurate.  Hopefully I can sort that out soon.  You can only spend so many hours a day sorting these things out; I have other things to do too!

And then there is the keyboard spacing.  Although keyboards are generally identical, there are tiny differences I have to train my brain to recognize compared to my ergonomic desktop keyboard.  

However, in many ways I think this is going to be a big advantage.  You may not even experience as many days with no blog posts.


  1. What a pain! I imagine there must be a keyboard setting you need to change.
    What kind of computer is it?

  2. To get rid of the french accent letters press shift colrol and Fn at the same time, all in left bottom of the keyboard

  3. i can't help you, i wish i could. i have a mac and i am assuming you bought a pc. good luck my friend, i hope you figure out how to use the microphone, that is probably your best bet!!

    my husband still types with one finger and it drives me nuts!!

  4. You have my sympathy, we had to get a new computer last summer and there was a definite learning curve. I despise Windows 10, even though I used it for several years at work and mostly use open source or free software. My preference is to use LibreOffice rather than Windows Office since LibreOffice is free and open source without the monthly subscription of WindowsOffice. Can't help you with your keyboard issues, sorry.

  5. I changed from Windows on a Toshiba to a Macbook, and am still working out some of the new ways. But it is so light, I like the firm keyboard, and linked to my iphone is a huge bonus. Hope you do get sorted very soon, the salesman ,I guess, should have had the setting up all done before you even left the store.Good luck.

  6. Re your problem with the Es ... a while ago I got a new mobile phone and almost at once threw a glass of white wine over it. The 3 button which is also the e button stopped working and never worked again 😳 I had the phone for some years. Good luck x

  7. Try pressing Alt/Shift at the same time. You should get a popup that will let you change screens, and even drop the french option.

  8. As a Mac user, I've not experienced such things, but I do have what is called a "butterfly" keyboard and I hate it! Never again. But not such problems as you are having. Hope they are fixed soon, but it's good to see you back in the neighborhood. :-)

  9. You should see me trying to dictate on my iPad. For some reason it likes to substitute curse words for my words! I have to proof everything carefully.

  10. I had an ergonomic keyboard a bunch of years ago and absolutely loved it. Had a hard time later adjusting to a regular keyboard. New computers are always such a pain getting used to. I'm fortunate here because Kelly is computer savvy and always seems to get things figured out and running smoothly.