Monday, January 4, 2021

Dedecorating Day - the Downside of Christmas

Yesterday was the day for taking down the Christmas tree and a few more decorations in the house.  Not much fun really, especially from a wheelchair.  My job was to remove all the ornaments and wrap them up, a process which took nearly three hours (just double the time it would take you).  But we persevered and got it done.

Now we head toward spring, though I haven't tasted fresh air for some time.  No church, no coffee, don't even know about physio this week.    But seed catalogues have arrived and plant nursery websites are being perused, so Mrs. F.G. says she is getting excited about the garden this year.  Maybe there is a light at the end of winter's tunnel.

Weatherwise there is a certain sameness to the days, a lot of sameness in fact.  Grey clouds, rare patches of blue sky but no real sunshine.  Snow falls, temperature goes up to +1 during the afternoon and then back down to -1 overnight.  An unending cycle of winter days.  Occasionally I see people snowshoeing or walking their dog out back.

We're in lockdown here, not supposed to leave the house anyway, though my caregivers report that the toboggan hills are crowded and maskless.  People still travel and then say it's ok because it was 'essential' to them.  I may lose one of them this week because schools are closed for another week and parents have to stay home to help their children be online.  What if you have two kids and one computer and both of them are supposed to be logged in to their classrooms!?

Here's a post-Christmas selfie for you showing off one of my Christmas gifts.  Not a very good smile, but the best I could do while holding my phone with one hand far enough away and pressing the button with the other.  Enjoy the New Year!


  1. Guess who had that printed specially for you? Well done Mrs F.G. I hope those seed varieties keep you entertained. We don't hear much about your lockdown on our TV, do get a lot of the news of Australia and all their new cases, and the UK as a friend has 2 daughters and their families there. Here, I am already noticing the mornings wait a little longer to get daylight, and not even 4 weeks after our summer solstice. Guess your daylight increase will be a joy.

  2. That’s a great shirt.

    We had a lockdown before Christmas, two weeks but cut by a few days with no new cases. The lockdowns do work if people obey them. Hope it works there!

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  4. Love that shirt; maybe your blog friends could start a trend with something similar lettered "Friends of the Furry Gnome". Yes, these are dreary days; down here another couple weeks usually brings more sunshine as winter wanes.

  5. I like your custom T-shirt! Happy New year!

  6. What a great shirt!
    My disdecorating (that's what my mom called it!) has changed over the years. My kids would be with my ex for the week following Christmas. I'd spend the week alone, doing what I wanted, and would rip down the tree and decorations toute suite!
    These days, it takes me days and days. I just do what I feel like. Hubby likes things up until Day 12. I sort of sneak things away while he isn't looking, just slowly. Our tree is a Charlie Brown one, anyway.
    Our grandies have done virtual school since September. Fortunately, they have money and bought new computers for the girls. In the beginning, one girl would use mine, the other, their family laptop here. They are back at it today! They alternate between our house and theirs. It's made a difference as both parents are working on computers from home.

  7. I was glad to get the Christmas tat packed away. We have always had numerous cats so I don't really have fragile ornaments. I just toss them into plastic bins. There was so much dusting to do after!
    Many parents in my area are complaining about this online learning. The rural parts of my county have very poor internet service. Multiple complaints to Bell by consumers and the county have been ignored.
    This winter weather has certainly been different. Not much, or no, snow, and very mild. I keep waiting for the hammer to fall and send us buried in a deep freeze.
    Cute shirt.

  8. Taking down all the Christmas decorations is not the fun that putting them up was, that's for sure. I'm thinking next year I'll put up less. (sure, sure)
    Nice shirt. Suits you to a Tee.

  9. Like yourself we are looking forward to Spring.
    Nice Christmas Gift.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the milder days.

    It's about time.

  10. We are holding on to our tree for one more week as we like the lights. I totally agree that the grey days are quite debilitating. I long for the blue sky and brilliant sun that gives us good vitamin D. I haven't graduated to seeds yet...still buy my plant material from a local greenhouse. You may have inspired me to look at doing something different this year.

  11. We've had some up and down temperatures around here. Never know what each day will bring.
    I always like getting the Christmas decorations down and put away. House looks neat and tidy again!

  12. Good for you for doing a selfie. I think before it's over a lot of the fools will have to be forced to stay in. The fools wandering around don't make me happy.

  13. No Christmas decorations down at our house yet. I am awaiting orders from headquarters to get at that job. It is mind boggling the lack of common sense many people exhibit in regards to preventative measures against the pandemic. Yes, this winter is already dragging:(( Nice selfie:))

  14. Neat tee shirt!
    Thank you for the reminder about seed catalogs. Gardening planning does make winter less dreary.

  15. we put christmas away, 2 days after christmas. our son left, the hubs had time to help me, so we did it. it is not fun, i do not enjoy it!! we do have green grass but our skies have been gray for some time, with a lot of rain!!

    i like your tee-shirt!!

  16. Dedecorating is usually a mixed blessing for me. It means I get our home (suite) back to normal but it also takes away a lot of pretty decorations we only see once a year. Here, this year, it wasn't either. It didn't feel at all the same with the tree out in the hall and our door shut to the noises of our landlords loud tv. Oh well, spring is around the corner and I like that Mrs. F.G. is getting her garden plans in order!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the selfie! Oh and the t-shirt is nice too! :)

  17. You did a great job on that selfie! And it was easy for us to dedecorate: we never did any! :-)