Sunday, January 10, 2021

In Search of that Snowy Owl

The search for the Snowy Owl that I shared in my previous post led us through quite a bit of interesting countryside.  It was a dull dark day and I was shooting through the window, so the photos are no great shakes, but I'm going to share the story anyway, and you'll at least get an idea of the landscape in this part of southern Ontario.  Meanwhile I'll keep working on my Arctic posts coming up soon.

We left physio in Owen Sound and headed southwest, through the village of Kilsyth where my parents met.  This is the church where my Grandad was minister in the 1930s, and where my mother lived in the adjoining manse with one of her sisters.  I was taken here regularly as a child when we were visiting my grandparents.  I wasn't sent downstairs to Sunday School as a visitor, so I amused myself by counting the panes of glass in those big windows.

Mom was actually born in Coleman, Alberta, a small town in the Crowsnest Pass, and had lived in two other Ontario towns before they moved to Kilsyth.  Dad on the other hand was born and raised here in Kilsyth.  they were both in their late twenties when they met.  He lived in the general store down the street.

We drove west to Tara where we turned south.  There's a big demand for housing like this, moderately priced one-floor homes, as an elderly population ages.

We crossed the bridge over the Sauble River, here fairly far up in its watershed.  We'd cross it or the Saugeen several times on our drive.

Then quite quickly it began to get foggy; we debated aborting our mission.  But then it cleared up quite abruptly, so we carried on.

It was a matter of watching the tops of hydro poles and fence posts to spot any extra spots of white that just might be an owl.

Meantime we passed lots of barns of all sorts, modern and old, with accompanying houses or not.  More on those tomorrow.


  1. Those snowy photos look cold. Our church is open but we still watch on line services.

  2. Farm country with lots of open space. Love that land!

    You must really feel at home in Kilsyth with your parents having a history there.

  3. I saw your comment on Patsy's blog so thought I'd check in. Looking forward to your finds. As the photos being taken through the window, they look great!

  4. Looks like gently rolling countryside, quite different than what I'm used to here on the transition between the Ridge and Valley and the deeply dissected Allegheny Plateau. Glad you found the owl, they're so hard to see in snowy areas and a gray sky couldn't have helped.

  5. Everything is so white, I would have been surprised to see that you actually saw one. I sure enjoyed the tour, in any event. :-)

  6. So beautiful. With climate change our winters are gone. I doubt we will see snow this year. I read on another blog someone finding those beautiful and magical snowy owls.

  7. That is so much snow, and with the addition of the fog in some photographs, does show a very wintery scene.

    All the best Jan

  8. A reasonably nice winter's drive through the countryside. I always forget to check the tops of poles for Snowy Owls. Guess that is why I never seem to see them.

  9. Fun to see places that we visit as children:) Good stuff for our Grands to know!