Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Tug 'Glen G'

 Another nice but chilly ride down to the harbour yesterday, under sunny blue skies.  Glorious days, but the dropping temperature means you have to bundle up well.  I really notice the different wind directions.  It was almost warm heading downhill to the east.  But returning westwards there was a downright cold breeze.

Skies over Georgian Bay were just gorgeous!

And in the harbour a new (well actually very old) tug was docked.

The construction of it just looked old to me with those nice rounded corners, and still a little wood trim like this door into the cabin.  When I looked it up it had been built in 1909 - 111 years old!

The funnel was enormous for a boat this size, presumably because it started life as a steamship.  It was converted to diesel decades ago.  Two little portholes like this one were the only windows into the cabin.

It even had a sturdy aluminum lifeboat hanging from a davit.  The R.A.Hoey still sits there behind it, waiting for a buyer.

Onshore at the marina another sailboat was sitting on its cradle, ready to be towed to its winter storage.

Some of those boats will go here, the area behind the shop I think I showed you last week.  They've worked to build up a higher boulder wall for protection from the waves, and now the space is full of sailboats.

I suspect this was my last ride downtown this year.  As the temperature drops I will be waiting at home 7 months for warmer weather!  I do expect to get downtown to see the new library though.


  1. Let's hope we get a few more warm days and that you can get out for a spin.

  2. The tugboat reminds me of the tugboat in the cartoon my grandson watches. The skies are gorgeous!

  3. Those blue skies are beautiful.
    Love the tugboat.
    I loved the Golden book, Scrubby the Tugboat when I was a little kid. :)

  4. Tremendously beautiful sky. Sorry to hear that you'll be confined for so long, that must be rough.

  5. I really like that old tugboat. What a gem. Yes, these mid October days are definitely becoming much brisker and especially so coming in unimpeded off the cold lake waters. That has got to be really tough knowing you are basically going to be stuck indoors for the next 7 months. Canada really needs to take over the United States to give we northerners easy borderless access to warmer winter climates. Just think how great that would be for you to be mobile year round.

  6. Hello,
    What a beautiful day. I love the tug boat, the views of the water and sky.
    Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great day week ahead!

  7. I adore Georgian Bay! I taught a couple of years in Parry Sound!

  8. What a beautiful old tugboat. I love that wooden door and the rounded edges. I do hope you might get another chance to get outdoors before the weather really changes. :-)

  9. oh i loved these pictures, i am such a boat/water girl...i always enjoy pictures like these!! the tug boat is so cool!!