Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fall Colours in the Neighbourhood

 I really must start sharing some of our fall colours with you.  They've been at their peak the past two weeks and the leaves are starting to fall now.  I've got fall colour shots right here at home, around the neighbourhood, and further afield.  It's fair to say that they dominate the seasonal change right now; in fact it's probably the most abrupt and complete changes of the entire year.  I'll try not to interrupt it with more of my excursions until I'm sure you've got the flavour of it.  These all come from a single one of my rides recently.

A beautiful Burning Bush right around the corner,

and a hedge of Virginia Creeper - actually growing over a split rail fence.

Sugar Maple.


Another big Sugar Maple.

White Birch.


And another Sugar Maple.

And for all of those there are plenty where wires obscure the view!
More tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful! Very vibrant colors. :-)

  2. Beautiful! I'm enjoying the colours this fall a lot. The difference between your pictures of fall and mine, you name the trees and shrubs. Thank you, I admire that! :)

  3. Beautiful fall colors and they seem to be exceptional this year.

  4. Beautiful! I drove up to a bit north of Highway 7 this morning and it was amazing to see the difference between the colour change there and here in the city. Plus alot of tress up there were bare already.

  5. Great color around your place. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Pretty fall color! Better than snow:)

  7. Pretty, pretty colors. Always fascinating to see the variety of colors displayed by sugar maple -- individual variation at its best.

  8. The leaves are at peak colour here now. The trails are gorgeous as are these photos.

  9. It's a colorful world we live in and especially for we folks at this time of year right here where we are blogging from. You have some great Autumn photos there.

  10. Isn't it wonderful?
    The burning bush is the best. We have one, as well.
    Our sumacs aren't doing well. Lanark COunty soil is very shallow, and with a few years of drought we've lost quite a few. I'm happy to see yours!

  11. Beautiful Fall Colours.
    I lost the first Comment I tried making on your Blog.
    By going into your Design section then go to Settings. There you will be able to set Comment Moderation to Sometimes or all the time. If you chose Sometime you can set the number of days that Moderation will not be needed.
    I have set mine for Seven Days and have found the Spammers like one particular Post from January 2015.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  12. I always liked seeing the sumac in the fall along our country roads. The red is so striking