Sunday, February 23, 2020

An Early Gift of Spring!

It's been a stunningly beautiful and warm winter's day for late February!  The sun is shining and it's up to nearly 10°C here, unheard of for this season.  On the way to church we saw a Robin, and at home we heard a Cardinal calling loudly.  We noticed a few signs of early spring and headed out to get a few pictures (after we spent awhile sweeping out the worst of the muck in the garage).

Yesterday a local blog reader dropped in for tea, and as soon as she walked into the living room she said 'Oh, I've seen this view so many times!'  So I thought I owed you a sunny picture different from the view out our back window and this is the best I could come up with.

It started when I noticed the enormous buds on our Magnolia.  They seem to have appeared overnight!

The snow was melted off the southwest side of the shed, and the garden out front looked ready for spring, especially as it was accompanied by the sound of water trickling down the downspout around the corner as the snow on the roof melted.

Out back the Forsythia buds were also swollen,

as were the buds on the birch tree out front.

The bud on the   was enormous.

Melted snow wells were obvious around the trees.

Mrs. F.G. thought she heard buzzing from our bee hotel.

And out front there were green leaves on our Creeping Thyme.  The best was the smell of these tiny leaves when you crushed a few in your fingers; they are ready for spring!

I know there will be more cold days and nights, and more snow, but we've tasted a wonderful early gift of spring, and it will see us through!


  1. It'll still be awhile, but the sun is out more and more each day.

  2. We are socked in with deep snow up here in the Ottawa Valley/Algonquin East, but I do notice the buds swelling on the many maple trees around my yard. It has been a magnificently warm day!

  3. Our warmest day of the year so far and truly a robust shot of Spring Tonic just when a robust shot of Spring Tonic was truly needed by all:))

  4. Always so uplifting to see these early signs of spring, though I guess you'll still have some cold weather to come.

  5. I love seeing the early signs of spring in your neighborhood. And I never tire of seeing the "usual" view from your window! :-)

  6. Wonderful. WE are also getting signs of spring.

  7. There is nothing better than that first taste of spring, even though it will disappear and return a few times. +10 and sunny sure sounds nice for you all. We saw pictures of the Ridge yesterday and there is a whole mess of snow to disappear yet although I admit it is pretty!

  8. Nice to have a preview of spring coming.
    Love the bee hotel!!

  9. Yes, spring is on its way. The bee hotel is a dandy, with holes suitable for many species of native bees.

  10. These temperatures are quite incredible. Plants are starting to appear that need pollinators, but I wonder where they are going to come from so early in the season.