Sunday, August 4, 2019

Yuccas and Clematis

Yuccas are one of those mid-summer plants that are really striking here, but they only last a short time.  Clematis on the other hand, are rather more gentle, but they seem to go on forever.  They've both been in bloom here.

There was one big but young Yucca in our neighbour's yard, and another bigger older one around the corner.  Such a striking flower!

 A forest of white flowers.

A very interesting flower when you look closely.

Clematis are a totally different plant, a vine that needs to be supported on a trellis. This deep purple Clematis is outside our side wall among the bright orange Day Lilies.

This deep red one is a new one for us this spring, a beautiful deep red colour.

Lots of other flowers in bloom too, like these Geraniums and Bellflowers.


  1. I think I will now dig the yucca that I have at the old place and bring it to my new place. Your seems to be planted at the perfect place. Some of mine don’t bloom on certain summers. You clematis color looks really good. Good color.

  2. Every time I look at your blog I'm learning different flowers. Now if I can remember them all.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Just beautiful! That yucca flower is simply amazing in all its glory. And the dark color of the clematis is lovely, too. Thanks for the great pictures. :-)

  4. The Yucca is outstanding, down here in our small village or town, there is one plant outside a house a lot nearer to the shops, and I admire it every time it comes into flower, your clematis colours, beautiful with those centres.

  5. "Silver bells and cockle shells..."

    Lovely pictures!

  6. We have both Yuccas and Clematis but neither do real well due to the lack of sunlight blocked by all our pine trees. Those Yuccas in your photos look strong and healthy. Our Clematis would do better if they had more sun exposure as well. It's a colorful world we live in.

  7. ahhhhh, I'm wanting more color in my garden (if I could just keep the German shep out of them)

  8. I'd love both a yucca again (we had one at our sticks and bricks home but it wasn't healthy) and a clematis. I've never had one and not sure where I could put it. Maybe on the side of the outhouse. Hmmmm. :)
    Yours are beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous all the colors.