Saturday, August 17, 2019

Drive to Conn

While the carpenter was spreading ear-splitting noise in the kitchen putting up the door to our renovated bathroom, we decided to get out of the house and drive down to Conn to see the big new Misty Meadows Market which we've watched under construction for the past year or more.  It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful day; we took our time and went slowly on the back roads under blue skies..

A new home just around the corner from our old home, and a large new hog barn we watched go up two years ago.

Sadly, both the Saugeen and Bighead Rivers were very low, reflecting the dry summer and the time of year.

And even more sadly, Goldenrod and Joe-pye Weed were blooming in the ditches, always the first signs of the summer season changing to fall.

The interesting Swinton Park church with it's belltower silhouetted in the distance.

And then we were heading through our favourite road through the woods for a mile.

Ripe Choke Cherries along the road.  Mrs. F.G. was tempted to stop and pick some, but I convinced her that it was enough to make strawberry, raspberry, black currant, mixed black currant and blueberry, red currant and peach jam this year!

Soon after that we got to Conn and the new Misty Meadows Market, in a fabulous large barn-style building.

It's a Mennonite market, run by a Mennonite family who we have gotten to know over the years.  They provide a convenient hitching rail for the horses.

And we picked up our fresh peaches, the ostensible reason for going.

The trip home was beautiful, under white fluffy clouds.

 We were pleased to see lots of Milkweed growing in the ditches, hopefully home to many Monarchs.  There's a lot less spraying of roadsides than there used to be.

Through our favourite stretch of road again and back to Swinton Park.  It's a very interesting church; we were inside once for a strawberry social.

We took a turn past our old house, but couldn't see much; it's getting overgrown!

A beautiful and colourful garden not too far south of Meaford.

As we passed this farm we noticed they had a sign out front advertising the Good Family Farm Store - another place we will drop into sometime soon.


  1. The hitching rail, a delight to see one there.And the fruit, no wonder you visited.

  2. Beautiful collection of photos. The market looks wonderful, I like the farm stand and lovely gardens. Happy weekend to you!

  3. What a wonderful tour that was! It looks like a perfect day!

  4. Some stores in the Eganville area (Ottawa Valley) have hitching rails for the horses. We have a lot of Mennonite families relocating here from S.Ontario. Taxes are much lower and they can get a lot more acreage for less money. We love to visit their farm stores for lovely produce.

  5. The church is a beauty!

    My grandparents were quite familiar with the Saugeen.

  6. There are a few places around here that have hitching rails for the horses of the Amish and old order Mennonites that have moved into the area and purchased many farms over the last 30-40 years.
    It was good to see you mention that there's less spraying of the roadsides. I wish the same could be said for this part of Pennsylvania; the Department of transportation seems to think that brown roadsides beautify the area and attract tourists.

  7. Oh all the pictures are just so pretty.
    I've seen golden rod starting around here too.

  8. I see signs of fall everywhere, too. I loved this tour, and all the pretty flowers on that next-to-last picture! :-)

  9. A trip down memory lane for us, thanks. Must get up to Conn to check out that barn when we are back in Ontario. C

  10. It's always great to get out on a beautiful day for a country road drive.

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